Renounced: Oven Babies

By Brittany Kepke

From time to time, Raindance pauses and comments on one of the many strange things this world offers. It could be political, cultural or religious. Just plain straight wrong.

Here is todays "Renounced"

On Tuesday March 16, 2010 it was reported that a father from Kentucky left his infant son in an oven on Sunday night. The father in question is Larry Long, 33, who works at a restaurant as a cook. Police say that Long had been smoking marijuana at the restaurant before he went home. After arriving home he drank a fifth of whiskey with Brandy Hatton, the baby’s mother. After Hatton had about five shots she went to bed, after which Long drank the rest of the bottle. The following morning the baby’s mother awoke to the sounds of her son crying from the oven, where he had been left overnight. Luckily the oven door was ajar and the oven not turned on, otherwise the father would now be facing murder charges.

Long admits to putting his son in the oven but confesses that he does not remember doing it. Long faults his actions on the alcohol and marijuana, which he believes was laced with a hallucinogen. However, the real question is not whether the marijuana was laced, but why he was smoking it, and both parents drinking with a five-week-old son at home.

Oven BabiesAfter Long realized what he had done he called a mental health crisis line who then alerted the proper authorities. This action, though seemingly a step in the right direction, was done out of his fear of punishment, not for his son’s health. Had his first concern been for the baby, he should have called an ambulance. However, is this really that surprising coming from a father who drinks and smokes around his newborn child?

The baby was taken to the hospital and said to be unharmed. Hatton is no longer taking care of her son as he is with relatives. Long was arrested and charged with first-degree wanton endangerment with his bail set at $10,000. The investigation is still going on so more charges may be brought against him.  More information here

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About The Author

Brittany Kepke Brittany is a marketing student from Los Angeles, who is studying in London and interning at Raindance.

In her spare time she likes to play soccer, cook pasta, watch Friends and watch movies of course.  






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