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A few days ago Raindance Founder Elliot Grove received an email asking if he would like to produce a film and, if not, if he had an advice for a filmmaker living in a small town. This gentleman had a prize-winning script, had read up on all the literature and was looking for an intense hands-on course to help him make his film. Elliot’s (edited) reply can be found below.

From: Elliot Grove
Date: 12 March 2010 21:23:09 GMT
To: Joe Bloggs
Subject: Re: Production query

Joe Bloggs,

I am not in a position to produce at the moment. Although there must be producer around, especially if you have funding available.

Moving to London is a seductive option. My dream has been to live in the south of France, and I just watched a show on the subject that made me even more dreamy eyed! Moving to London, dressing all in black, wearing dark glasses day and night, and drinking expensive cappuccino wont make you a filmmaker. It could, however, make you a wanker.


If I were in your position, and able to write excellent material, and if I really wanted to be a filmmaker, I'd start making films.

The trick is to assemble a team. And the location of the team determines where you live. There might be more people doing filmic things in London, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any where you live. Find some friends, advertise in local papers, drop by the local drama societies and theatres, join the internet filmmaking networks – there are plenty of ways to get in touch with others to help make your film. Once you’ve got a team in place you’ll develop group momentum and be well on your way to getting that film made.

Take the money you'd save from doing the expensive courses, buy a FLiP camera (£130) an Apple laptop (£900) and a hard drive with a terabyte (£100) and get someone local to wherever you are, and make films. Perhaps not the one you have written for the moment, but the one that you know you can make with what you have got at hand.

Make a short or two and you’ll be surprised at how much you learn about budgeting, scheduling and getting things done on the cheap. When you need to upgrade your equipment rent it out. It’s much cheaper than buying a camera and chances are your next project will require different equipment anyway. Our courses can help (a lot) but they are guides and shortcuts to knowledge, not an initiation to the inner sanctum of secret filmmaking knowledge. There is nothing anyone can teach you that you cannot learn yourself – it’ll just take longer.

Raindance provides plenty free resources that can point you in the right direction:

Read: 10 Things A Filmmakers Needs Every Day
Read: 8 Mistakes Filmmakers Make That Kills Their Movies

Let me know if I can answer anything else, and best,


PS any accountant can explain the Enterprise Investment Scheme

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