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5 Scariest Movie Moments

by Sami El-Hadi -- With Halloween fast approaching things are getting spooky here at Raindance. To get the rest of you in the mood, here is my top five terrifying movie moments. *MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS*... read on

13 Terrifying Social Media Mistakes Filmmakers Make 2012

by Elliot Grove -- Some of us hate spiders, some of us hate ghouls. I hate snakes. For others of us, the scariest thing is social media. Here are 13 Terrifying Social Media Mistakes Filmmakers Make...... read on

7 Short Reasons to Make a Short

by Ross Baron -- You’re dreaming of becoming a filmmaker. You’ve browsed the Raindance website; maybe you’ve signed up for your first Saturday seminar. Let me spoil something about that seminar for you: Elliot’s going to ask you if you’ve... read on

My Olympic Experience

by Shinaide Cameron --... read on

5 Ways To Give Yourself An Olympic Gold

by Elliot Grove -- What can filmmakers and screenwriters take away from the competitive spirit of the Olympics? And were the Olympics solely about winning a gold?... read on

Guest Blog from Wendy Dent

by Wendy Dent -- I did a crazy thing the other week. I agreed to write for Raindance. "Oh the joy!" was the first reaction, as I ran around the house somewhat semi-clothed, doing a raindance about the wondrous things I would ‘shout out’ to the... read on

How to start making your Film

by Anna Korotkova -- First of all, a good script is the basic for a successful film. It helps to find investors and convince them, that this script can be turned into a high-rate film. One should try to find as many as possible. The higher the budget... read on

James' Guide to Running Social Media For Your Film

by James Burbidge -- I run the Raindance social media accounts (twitter and Facebook) and so I see a lot of people trying to market their indie films. And I see a lot of people going about it the wrong way. Usually this is because they have left... read on

10 Google Shortcuts Filmmakers Use 2012

How many times a day do you search on the internet? If you are like the hardworking team here at Raindance - dozens of times. We are always searching the internet looking for new ideas, new people and fact-checking films in preparation for the film... read on

Levon Helm's 7 Lessons For Filmmakers

by Elliot Grove -- The news that The Band's lead singer and drummer, <a data-mce-href="" href="">Levon Helm,... read on

12 Most Important Films of 2012

by Karlanna Lewis -- 2012 is a great year for movies. In fact, this year may even be five-star. This year has been so stellar for film no way can I just tell you one “can’t miss movie”—but what I can do is give you a dozen.... read on

How Filmmakers Quit Their Day Job Without Burning Bridges 2012

by Elliot Grove -- I have just arrived back in London after a fun but grueling trip to Toronto and New York where I met dozens of fascinating people and very talented filmmakers and screenwriters. A common situation to those I met was how to leave... read on

10 Ways Filmmakers Stay Unmarketable 2013

by Karlanna Lewis -- Marketability articles are a common phenomenon, but what if you enjoy unemployment? Fresh from the depths of the Raindance archives comes the perfect article for you. In 2009 Raindance intern Charlie Burroughs shared these 10... read on

6 Ways To Debunk The Talent Myth 2012

by Elliot Grove -- I'm travelling right now, and as I write this I am currently sitting in the Raindance Toronto office surrounded by the hardworking Toronto team. A punter just called up inquiring about the terrific events planned here in Toronto,... read on

5 Film Bloggers to Follow

by Karlanna Lewis --  Are blogs going the way of newspapers and magazines? In a world of instantaneous and socially driven mass communication, blogs are the network television shows of the Internet—a few good ones, but often not worth the time... read on

7 Things Filmmakers Can Learn From Lady Gaga 2013

by Karlanna Lewis --  Just shy of 26 years old, Lady Gaga has built herself an empire. She more than broke into the business; she took the business by the wheel and began driving it herself. She became the first celebrity with 10 million twitter... read on

From Russia with Film: Best of Russian Cinema

by Karlanna Lewis --  In film’s early days, the revolutionary spirit of Russia as it became the Soviet Union meant a great deal of energy was directed into experimentation. With an appetite for change, early Russian filmmakers pioneered new camera... read on

Creating A Film Career Brand Strategy 2012

by Elliot Grove -- The great thing about working in the creative industries is you get to create a brand around yourself and what you do. Just like Shelock Holmes wouldn't have gotten too far without a strategy, so too your career will hit a brick... read on

10 Maverick Women in Film 2014

by Karlanna Lewis -- From the earliest days of moving pictures, men have dominated the industry both on- and off-screen, but even before women had the right to vote, a few pioneer ladies were already becoming  industry leaders. Because film is... read on

Your Opinions Matter

by Daniel Johnson -- Opinions are crazy, you do realise this right? Everyone has them. Everyone thinks they know if your film is good or not. They have strong opinions about the actors. In fact, they have opinions about who you should cast and what... read on

Shit Filmmakers Say 2013

By Ken Plas -- Introducing myself as an editor, I always get the same questions, ‘What do you edit on?’, ‘do you grade?’, ‘Can you do sound?’, and ‘may I see your showreel?’ I don’t get asked ‘Exactly how old are you?’, ‘I’m... read on

Top 10 Korean Genre Bending Films 2013

By Patrick Chamberlain -- During the 1990s youthful Korean cinemagoers started to really delve into foreign film especially genre films. Most of the films Korea had been making at the time were social realist films in response to the censorship and... read on

Lethal Cinema: A Dozen Deadly Films

By Karlanna Lewis -- Violence is one of film’s rogue and most controversial elements. Not to mention what was considered violent half a century ago has since been overshadowed by the machine gun gore of recent years.... read on

3 Reasons Why Emerging Filmmakers Need To Look Beyond Conventional Film Schools And Courses

by Carl Schoenfeld -- There are so many different approaches to filmmaking out there, and most of them are very costly. Three reasons why emerging filmmakers need to look beyond conventional film schools and courses when taking charge of their... read on

Oscar Countdown 2012

by Erik Waldman -- Our new fabulous intern, Erik-from-Philly, has been frothing at the mouth over news the Oscars since he's started here. ... read on

Film’s 14 Fiercest Females 2012

Although to call contemporary film a gender-neutral industry is a stretch, gone are the days when women in movies were mere arm candy to male heroes. Over the past century actresses have been inventing a new breed of women on screen, a far cry from... read on

Moving Artists in the Movies: 20 Films That Dance

Dance is a live, three-dimensional art, whereas film is an art of prerecorded footage compiled and projected onto the silver screen. What both dance and film have in common, though, is a dependence on the continuity of fluid motion—dance is the art... read on

Indie Filmmaker's Problem Solver 2013

Getting a day job isn't what it is cracked up to be. Sometimes it is a necessary evil. But how can you survive in a commercial world?  <a href="independent-filmmakers-problem-solver">Read on...</a>... read on

Making Fake Snow For Movies 2013

by  Andrew Kavros -- Here are some handy tips on how to make the most of snow without freezing your butt off. Read on...... read on

James Cameron Filming Avatar 2 In New Zealand?

by Erik Waldman -- Our new fabulous intern, Erik-from-Philly, has been frothing at the mouth over news that James Cameron is turning Avatar into a trilogy. <a href="">Read on</a> for his considered advice to A+ lister, James... read on

Meryl Streep: From Ironweed to Iron Lady

The phrase “living legend” is too often bandied around, but for American actress Meryl Streep, the phrase “living legend” is the closest approximation to describe her genius. By Karlanna Lewis... read on

10 Underdogs Oscar Missed

by Erik Waldman -- At least a month before the big night, the Oscar nominations are announced and they always leave mixed emotions. The nominees and fans are left shocked by who gets nominated and who does not. Usually, the most shocking announcement... read on

The Basic 5 to Keep Radio Alive 2013

by Ben Glassen -- It is awards season once again and the entire world of media shall be swept up into the annual buzz of “Oscar Fever.” Though, humming just below the heavy ether of idle clapping and thank you speeches is the ever-constant waves... read on

Oscar Nominations 2012

Oscar 2012 Nominations. Complete with our thoughts and predictions.... read on

5 Cons Filmmakers Fall For 2012

by Elliot Grove -- Filmmakers and screenwriters can be easy pickings for an alarminly great number of fraudsters. With fragile egos, newbies are easy pickings for fraudsters preying on the hopes and dreams  of new, and nieve filmmakers and... read on

Athens calling - A New Report On Greek Cinema 2012

by Yannis Sakaridis -- Greece has been in the headlines around the world for the past 2 years, for all the wrong reasons. Thousands of people lost their jobs, shops were shut down one after another, people lost faith in politicians and we are in the... read on

David Goes To Hollywood

11 January, 2012. David Cameron's big film speech today is how he is 'encouraging' UK Lottery money to be paid to box office winners like The King's Speech and Slumdog Millionaire. Hmmm. <a href="david-cameron-goes-to-hollywood">Read on...</a>... read on

Indie Filmmaking Deemed a Capital Crime

By Joel Schulz - Here's a truly Canadian reaction to David Cameron's advice to independent filmmakers: "I can hear the trapdoors and nooses being tested already. British Prime Minister David Cameron has declared his intent to create serfs out of... read on

Certified Red Tape

 Trevor Garlick – a friend of Raindance - got in touch with us yesterday asking if we were aware of “<strong>the BFI and HMRC for the Certification Process for British films</strong>?  And the audit that then happens” We weren't, so he... read on

21 Minute Film School

By Elliot Grove -- Have you ever had a desire to make a movie? If so, set 21 minutes of your hectic life aside, and let me show you how.... read on

How To Fake Being An Indie Auteur Part Two 2012

by Suzanne Ballantyne --  Having watched over 500 feature films a year as the Head of Programming of the Raindance Film Festival, Suzanne Ballantyne contines with Part 2 of her observations and advice on how to Fake Being An Indie Aureur  ... read on

How To Fake Being An Indie Auteur Part One 2012

by Suzanne Ballantyne -- This is not about how to make Hollywood films, made-for-tv films or even low budget films. This is not about making films whose purpose is to entertain. This is about a different species altogether - the indie auteur film,... read on

Filmmakers and Screenwriters Career Strategy 2012

When hearing about a success in another, most screenwrioters and filmmakers start whing:, "That may work for their project, but not ours." Don't ever let yourself fall into this trap. This is generally nothing more than an excuse not to change. Are... read on

9 Lies About British Film 2012

Britain’s film-makers are constantly battling to break out, struggling to find the finance to make enough good films to create a viable industry. Among the things holding them back is ... ...a pile of lies – or misconceptions, if you prefer –... read on

Our Top Ten Articles in 2011

by Raindance -- We take no responsibility for these jokes - they have been collected in the office over the years, and we finally decided to put them up for you to enjoy,... read on

6 Things Filmmakers Should Stop Doing - 2012

by Elliot Grove -- New Year's Eve is rolling around again, and I am making a list of 6 key things that I am going to stop doing come the stroke of midnight.... read on

7 Essential Trends Independent Filmmakers Watch 2013

by Elliot Grove -- Sitting as I do from the top of Planet Raindance and Planet British Indepdnent Film Awards, I see some very big changes from when I started Raindance in 1992; Here are the top 7 trends that will have a huge impact on indepdenent... read on

Light Bulb Jokes For Filmmakers 2012

by Raindance -- We take no responsibility for these jokes - they have been collected in the office over the years, and we finally decided to put them up for you to enjoy,... read on

What is your film REALLY worth to Love Film?

by Chris Jones - UK F~ilmmaker and author Chris Jones has been burned twice. First when the Sony DVD warehouse was torched by arsonists during the Summer of 2011 London riots, and the second time on December 2nd when lawyers from the ironically... read on

10 Reasons Independent Filmmakers Can Be Thankful 2013

by James Burbidge -- America is hunkering down for their long Thanksgiving weekend. Any excuse for a holiday, eh? Still, there's lots for independent filmmakers to be thankful for too... read on

2011 Movie Box Office Turkeys

by Phelan Warren -- You always hear about the list of films that break all the records. Avatar becoming the top all-time overall box office in 2009 (inflation not adjusted) or this year’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 smashing all... read on

Let's Make This Short

by Tony Burke -- More and more advertising creatives are stepping out of the safety and security of agency jobs and going freelance. The money’s better. You can pick your projects. But most importantly, you can indulge your real creative ambitions.... read on

5 Top Tips for Lighting on a Low Budget

by Chris Thomas -- Struggling with limited funds? Be careful not to skimp on the lighting. Here's five tips for maximising the power of you limited budget... read on

5 Reasons We Defend Iranian Filmmakers

by Gillies MacKinnon -- Elliot Grove at Raindance asked me to say a few words about Iranian films, following the distribution of a petition protesting the imprisonment of film makers in Iran. I have felt for some years that the best films I have seen... read on

The Fine Art Of Freelancing 2012

by Elliot Grove -- With the economy in free fall and full time jobs disappearing quicker than you can say 'recession,' freelancing is becoming the way talented filmmakers (or should I say 'content creators'?) can get paid work. The advantages of... read on

Independent Filmmakers Web A-Z 2012

by Elliot Grove -- Making a film is hard enough. In this day and age, you are also going to need a website. Starting a website can be tough work—getting the world to see it can be even more tedious. Whether you’re starting a website to promote... read on

Debunking 5 Myths Of Independent Cinema 2012

by Elliot Grove -- It happens to me every year right after the Raindance Film Festival: I overhear and read a lot of terribly misleading and inaccurate information about the state of independent cinema. Allow me to debunk the common misconceptions.... read on

Samuel Goldwyn’s Rags to Riches Story

by Seth Shafer -- The life of Samuel Goldwyn reads very much like a movie that one of America’s greatest film pioneers would have produced; he immigrated to the US penniless and armed only with a smattering of English but would rise to become one... read on

Filmmaking: The Terrible Job Everyone Wants 2012

by Elliot Grove -- Hollywood studios are hiring fewer filmmakers and giving them less power. So, what is wrong? Making a movie is probably one of the most challenging things you could try to do.   Yet nearly everyone in the world of Raindance is an... read on

7 Things Filmmakers Can Learn From Steve Jobs

by Elliot Grove -- Once in a generation we get a true visionary that is able to combine creativity and commerce. Once such man is, I believe, Steve Jobs. I had the pleasure to meet him in 1978 when he was working with Steve Wozniak in his parent's... read on

Saturday Film School Comes to Manchester

by Raindance -- Raindance Manchester fires up on September 10th with the Saturday Film School headed up by Raindance founder, Elliot Grove and director, Patrick Tucker.... read on

5 Tips For Dazed And Confused Filmmakers 2013

by Daniel Kresmery -- At last year’s Raindance film festival I was grabbed by an American feature called On Vacation.  This simple, laugh-out-load film was made in the director’s apartment over 10 days, with 40 actors and a Canon 7D, on a budget... read on

5 Things I Learned As An LA Film Intern 2013

by Justin McGoldrick -- The film industry unadulteratedly runs on the willingness of an intern. Just look at the impressive list of interns at Raindance alone; even Edgar Wright and yours truly have passed through the RD doors, running carts through... read on

8 Web Series Worth Watching

by Elisar Cabrera -- Since November last year I have been producing a web TV show called Those Video Guys.  In the show I, alongside my friends John Atkins and Sean Harry, review videos we find on the internet.  At first I thought the only thing... read on

What a White Paper Can Do For You

by Carl Schoenfeld -- Students embarking on their degree course would not expect the recent plans in the conservative-liberal UK government coalition White Paper on Higher Education to present them with an edge that may allow them to grow into more... read on

10 Best War Films

by Elliot Zatzki -- A rundown of ten of the greatest war films of all time... read on

7 Things Filmmakers Can Learn From Animation

by Matthew Keen -- I started my career as an animator so it is natural that I would look to other animations for inspiration. I would look back to an old cartoon such as Tom & Jerry to see how to make an action more intense or watch the way the... read on

7 Things Filmmakers Can Learn From Perez Hilton

by James Burbidge -- Who is Perez Hilton? Perez Hilton is the name of Mario Lavandeira’s hugely successful celebrity gossip blog ( Perez has made millions for Mario because it is read by millions everyday – it averages 260... read on

What's the Difference Between SFX and VFX

by Raindance -- Those acronyms got you confused? Well worry not, we're here to make the difference clear... read on

6 Greek Films to Keep an Eye Out For

by Orestes Kouzof -- What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear ‘Greece’? It may be azure seas, sandy beaches and ouzo-fuelled nights at beach bars, or it may be magnificent ancient structures that have withstood the test of... read on

3 Ways To Clean Up Your Career 2013

by Elliot Grove -- I have been running Raindance Film Festival for nearly 20 years, and the British Independent Film Awards since 1998. Over the years I have been really fortunate to meet hundreds of exceptionally talented, smart and wise people from... read on

The Indie Filmmakers Equipment Guide

by Christian Bell -- As Raindance's resident tech guy, one of the most common questions I get from new filmmakers is 'What camera should I get?', followed shortly by 'What cheap sound kit should I buy?' and 'What else do I need?'  Well, these... read on

7 Things Filmmakers Eat For Breakfast 2012

by Elliot Grove -- Have you ever had a serious case of the blahs about 3:00pm? Have you ever watched the typing swim on the page? Have you missed a deadline because you crumpled with fatigue at the last barrier to completing a crucial project?... read on

Raindance Wallpaper

by Raindance -- Want to share your love of independent film with the world? Or maybe you just need a reminder that you're a filmmaker as you endure the daily office grind. Download Our Free Desktop Wallpaper... read on

A-Z Of Independent Film 2012

by Elliot Grove -- A full A to Z of the world of independent film... read on

What Is Independent Film? 2014

by Elliot Grove -- I am always asked what "Independent film" really is, and I have to say that the entire concept of an independent film is totally strange. In fact, all art is independent, the mere fact of labeling any art form as independent is... read on

Alternative Cannes Report 2011

by Rory O'Donnell -- Well, the day after I’m back in the office it’s Open House, and then we’re into all the preparation for the new term, and suddenly it’s two weeks later and Cannes seems an age ago; but maybe this is a good time to sit and... read on

Film Rights List - Edinburgh

by Raindance -- To celebrate a stellar line-up at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival, we've drawn up a list of film rights contacts to help you film buffs and execs guide your way through the programme for 2011... read on

Poultry In The Movies 2014

by Rory O'Donnell -- OK, so it started with a bet that I could find ten movies with significant roles for chickens. Poultry’s main involvement in movies seems to be running out of the way of cars and therefore provided the countryside equivalent of... read on

Cannes 2011: Un Certain Regard Film Trailers

by Raindance -- Take a look at the trailers for all the films in the Un Certain Regard category this year.... read on

Cannes 2011: Official Selection Film Trailers

by Raindance -- It's Cannes again. All the stars are gathering in Cote d'Azur to celebrate. Here are the trailers for all films that are playing in Competition... read on

10 Essential Pieces of DIY Filmmaking Equipment

by James Burbidge -- How many times have you heard or read the phrase “in this wintry economic climate” or something similar over the past few months? Several, I bet. As the money falls out of the industry however, the indie filmmaker retains an... read on

Surviving London Festival

by Raindance -- For those who are traveling from out of town or are unfamiliar with the city, we’ve put together a “Surviving London” guide, aiming to clue you up on some of the less obvious aspects of London. Before coming out to here for the... read on

Cannes Survival Toolkit 2011

by Raindance -- In celebration of the Cannes Film Festival, Raindance has assembled some terrifically useful information. You might want to have a look at, either to make your trip to Cannes easier, or, to make your thoughts of Cannes more... read on

What The F**K Is Social Media?

by Raindance -- Confused by social media?... read on

Easter Gift Ideas for Filmmakers 2011

by Raindance -- Spring has sprung! Don't get distracted by the new shoots and blooms - get your filmmaker friend a gift. Or, if you like, each of these items make great self-gifts!... read on

Where to Find Film Jobs 2013

by Laura Clark -- Fresh out of school/uni/a wildly different career? It's hard getting onto the lower rungs of the film/TV ladder, and it can be difficult to know where to look for jobs. Well, worry no more, we have a near comprehensive list of... read on

A Horse with No Name

by Tanya Mokdad -- Normally, to start shooting a movie, filmmakers begin with an idea, and then they would usually develop it into a script, maybe even just set out a plan. Well- no actually, writer-directors Matthew and Barnaby O'Connor didn’t... read on

The Top 10 Horror Films of the Decade

by Stephanie Davis -- Over the last decade, Hollywood horror has been a melting pot of mediocre remakes, sequels, and once promising franchises turned rotten. Although there have been some great scares at the box office, cheap frights, regenerated... read on

Just How Indie Are the Oscar Indie Contenders?

by Justin McGoldrick -- Though Raindance supports films that cost 20,000 times less than the cheapest of this year’s Oscar nominees, we are happy(?) to see that some lower budget pics made it into the mainstream foray this year.... read on

Make The Move From Amateur Filmmaker To Pro 2012

by Elliot Grove -- On New Years Eve 2009, I looked at all the work I had done outside my day job and was pretty pleased with myself. I asked myself how many hours a week I had managed to devote exclusively to my private ambitions of drawing, painting... read on

World's Essential 100 Film Festivals Part 1 [2013]

by Xavier Rashid -- Opening his keynote address to the Production Film Market in October ‘10, Jeremy Thomas expressed his opinion that festival programmers were more important than studio heads. The right festival strategy can define the future of... read on

World's Essential 100 Film Festivals Part 4

by Xavier Rashid -- Part four of our rundown of the world's top 100 film festivals... read on

2011 Oscar Best Film Trailers

by Raindance -- All the trailers for the 2011 Oscar contenders in one place... read on

10 Top Sites For Independent Filmmakers 2013

by Daniel Polis -- In recent years, the content of the internet has transformed itself from a controlled and manufactured environment to a vast expanse of user generated content.  Internet users can log on and create their own subjects, themes, and... read on

2011 Oscar Who's Where

by Raindance -- Here's a list of agents representing the 2011 Oscar nominees... read on

Major Film Markets

by Raquel Haber -- The film industry is fond of using jargon. From turning on a light to reading a line from a script, chances are, there's an industry approved terminology for it. Sometimes the terms are so similar, even more seasoned filmmakers can... read on

Athens calling - A report on Greek cinema

by Yannis Sakaridis -- Greece has been in the headlines around the world for the past 2 years, for all the wrong reasons. Thousands of people lost their jobs, shops were shut down one after another, people lost faith in politicians and we are in the... read on

World's Essential 100 Film Festivals Part 3 2013

by Xavier Rashid -- Part three of our rundown of the world's top 100 film festivals... read on

New Hollywood Hopefuls of 2011

by Raindance -- If you think Hollywood is over reliant on 3D - think again. 3D is a great gimmick that allows cinemas to charge more. But you need to get the bodies in through the doors first. Another strategy is to rely on good old-fashioned story... read on

Top 10 Documentary Film Festivals 2013

by Madeline Wickman -- Here’s a short list of the 10 leading documentary film festivals around the world. Interesting things to notice with these are those who cater for films, and those who focus on television.... read on

Raindance's List of Lists 2010

by Raindance -- It's the end of the year again, and we are publishing our choice lists from 2010: 10 Best, 10 worst, 10 Most Controversail etc.... read on

10 Key Filmmaking Trends for 2011

by Elliot Grove -- My 2 main pre-occupations are the Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards. Every waking moment I, and the fabulous Raindance team, do nothing except watch films, read scripts and talk to filmmakers, agents,... read on

Raindance's Top 25 Filmmaking Articles of 2010

by Raindance -- Every week we publish at least 2 new articles, sometimes as many as 8. Everyone in the office gets to work on an article in response to a question from one of our members, or a topic of interest. The articles we write and publish (and... read on

Raindance's Top Trends of 2011

by Raindance -- We take a look at the key filmmaking trends of the last year.... read on

Raindance's Top 10 Movies of 2010

by Raindance -- Looking back 2010 has been another great year for film, both indie and mainstream. Ok, sure, as usual you have to pan through a lot of dross to get to the gold, but once again, it's proved worth killing your fellow minors to keep your... read on

World's Essential 100 Film Festivals Part 2

by Xavier Rashid -- Part two of our rundown of the world's top 100 film festivals... read on

Julian Assange's 7 Lessons For Filmmakers 2013

by James Burbidge -- Julian Assange was born in Queensland, Australia in 1971 and experienced a difficult home life, having to move house many times, and even going into hiding with his Mother, following a custody struggle with her ex-husband over... read on

5 Skills Not Taught in Filmschool2013

by Brenna Erickson -- Okay, Raindance is all about the Lo to No Budget filmmaking.  There is a LOT of work that goes into filmmaking and when you are working with bare bones equipment and production staff, there are just some things you need to know... read on

10 Incidental Xmas Films 2012

by Brenna Erickson -- It always takes me some time to get into the Christmas spirit.  The 1st of December, I am cringing from the Christmas carols being played in every store everywhere. Inevitably, during this season, I feel obligated to watch a... read on

Top Box Office Turkeys of 2010

by Lauren Mahomes -- Oy, see this is where things get awkward. No one likes to see a studio put a lot of effort into a film that just utterly fails on opening weekend. We can talk all we want about “cult classics” or going big virally, but deep... read on

The Indie Filmmaker's Guide to Thanksgiving

by Lauren Mahomes -- Ah, it’s finally Thanksgiving. One of the most magical times of the year. Where we all get together, sing songs, and watch football until all the food digests. What? What’s that you say? What is the point of Thanksgiving? You... read on

Top 10 Greek filmmakers

by Yannis Sakaridis -- A new generation of filmmakers whose films have either made a huge impression on the audience and critics in film festivals around the world or are much awaited within next year.... read on

3 Mistakes When Trying To Motivate Your Film Crew 2013

by Elliot Grove -- Filmmakers trying to boost morale on no-budget shoots can easily destroy it altogether unless they avoid these 3 morale building mistakes... read on

The Potential In Crowd Funding

by Justin McGoldrick -- Crowd Funding is the newest way Web 2.0 has encouraged film development. IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and RocketHub – all of these sites allow you to find projects that interest you, but more importantly they allow you to donate... read on

14 Websites British Filmmakers Use Every Day

by Margherita Pellegrino -- Some essential links for British independent filmmakers... read on

3 Painful Lessons Of Independent Film 2012

by Elliot Grove -- It's the Labor day weekend in America (Labour Day if you are Candian (like me), and every year at this time I get sentimental. It's the weekend we finalise the schedule for the Raindance Film Festival which means that a lot of... read on

5 Movies That Employ Philosophical Subtext

by Sami El-Hadi -- Film has always been a powerful medium for expressing philosophical ideas. From The Seventh Seal to Citizen Kane many great films are celebrated for their philosophical sub-texts. Here are five which seem to present distinct... read on

The Zero Budget Software Suite 2012

by Christian Bell -- Money is, by definition, always a difficult issue for the low budget filmmaker.  The challenge is in getting as much of your meagre budget up on the screen as possible.  With that being the case do you really have the money to... read on

Favourite Cinematography Oscar Winners

by Cristina I. De Leon -- Best Director, Best Animated Feature Film, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Sound Editing – all of these categories are vital to making the Academy Awards a memorable night, which makes history. More importantly, these... read on

Film 1913

by Rory O'Donnell -- I recently discovered the archives of early film magazine ‘The Moving Picture World’ covering just April to June 1913.  Fascinating reading, it mainly made me realize how little has changed: distributors cozying up to... read on

Comparing Representation of Race in American Cinema and Video Games 2012

by Trystan Scales -- From Mario and Sonic, to PacMan and Lara Croft there is a diverse selection of characters a player can choose to immerse themselves with, when playing a video game. But where is the colour? Sure Sonic is blue and Pacman is... read on

Child Stars

by Margherita Pellegrino -- It has become something of a cliché to just think (in a slightly judgemental way if you wish) that all child actors end up bad. They grow up and either don’t make it, not managing to get past their kiddie cuteness and... read on

The Demise of the UKFC - Don't Panic

by Rory O'Donnell -- In the last 48 hours there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The demise of the UK Film Council will lead to be the end of the British Film Industry, the closing of local art house cinemas, the closure of the NHS and... read on

6 Great Movie-Making Documentaries

by Christian Bell -- It's tough being a filmmaker, we all know it. But you are not alone.  Many have trod this road before and luckily for us many have been filmed whilst doing so.  Here is a collection of six of the finest documentaries on... read on

Lose New Media Phobia 2013

by Elliot Grove -- About 15% of the filmmakers and screenwriters I meet on my travels around the world shun new media. Usually they refuse to jump into new media because they are afraid: Afraid of the time it is going to take them, afraid of losing... read on

3 Tips to Get Your Film Noticed

by Margherita Pellegrino -- So you are an independent director. You have made a film, or maybe more than one, maybe even a bunch of them and all you want now is for people to see them, notice your talent and maybe even spread the word about how good... read on

A Short History of the Internet 2014

by Elliot Grove -- I get emails and facebook messages nearly every day from filmmakers and screenwriters who claim that new media is unworthy of their time and attention. I strongly disagree. New media, and it's cousins, social and interactive media... read on

A Short History of Italian Cinema

by Margherita Pellegrino -- A couple of years ago, in an infamous interview, Quentin Tarantino heavily criticised New Italian cinema, saying that “Recent films I've seen are all the same. They talk about boys growing up, or girls growing up, or... read on

Italian Independent Filmmakers Resource Guide

by Margherita Pellegrino -- For indie film makers festivals = opportunities to showcase their work, make themselves known in the industry and get awarded for their efforts (or not). With the ‘cinema d’essai’s becoming more and more rare in... read on

10 Italian Filmmakers To Watch

by Margherita Pellegrino -- Independent cinema more often than not remains the only place where to find good quality filmmaking, talented artists and challenging, diverse themes. And it is surely true that, in Italy, Independent cinema is charged... read on

Low Budget Film Guide Part 2

by Christian Bell -- Part two of our low budget film guide... read on

Low Budget Film Guide Part 1

by Christian Bell -- Money.  All too many filmmakers let the lack of it hold them back.  But lacking a big budget doesn't have to be a problem.  We've compiled a list of some of the greatest low budget films ever made, with budgets ranging from... read on

The Film Industry's 5 Self Promotion Myths 2013

by Elliot Grove -- Want to make a filmmaker feel uncomfortable? Ask them what they are good at doing. It's no joke that filmmakers and screenwriters are notoriously bad at blowing their own horns. They don't because they are shy or lacking... read on

10 Twitter Tips For Filmmakers 2012

by Elliot Grove -- Twitter's social networking lets people post 140 character messages answering the simple question: What Are You Doing Right Now? Called micro blogging on steroids, it's just going to get bigger and bigger. As it grows, Twitter is... read on

5 Tools for a Dramatic Documentary

by Frederica Byron -- In a documentary, it is impossible to predict exactly where it will go. It's not like making a fiction film, where you have control over what the characters say and do and how everything looks down to the position of a hair on... read on

The Secret History Of The Raindance Fatwa 2013

by Elliot Grove -- The Islamic concept of Fatwa is as fascinating as any in the major world religions. Westerners have wrongly assumed Fatwa as a death sentence after the Salmon Rushdie affair. Nothing could be further from the truth.... read on

Top 5 "Must Do's" to Get It Done!

by Lisa Bradburn -- Studies show that it takes 6 weeks to change human patterns of behavior when consistently applied. Figure out a new strategy that works best for you: get up 1 hour earlier, try a better lit work station, start scheduling work in a... read on

Learn 5 Things From Hollywood Rebels 2013

by Daniel Kresmery -- Greetings from the "other side” of Europe, where we are working on bringing Raindance to Budapest.  Why Budapest you ask?  Because its the hottest runaway production spot in Europe right now and has the potential to be the... read on

10 Films - 1 Room

by Christian Bell -- If there is one thing certain to drive your production costs up, it's locations. With the time it takes to pack up, unpack and get set up again, you'll find that half the day has gone before the camera is even rolling. So why... read on

How To Get Film Work Without Experience 2012

by Elliot Grove -- Even today, after over 30 years working in the film industry, I still get people saying to me: Show me your resume. Can I see what you have done. Fortunately I have a body of work that can speak for itself. But what of the old... read on

3 Big Mistakes Filmmakers Make After Their Film Is In The Can

by Elliot Grove -- The lure of making is so demanding, that upon completing your movie, one is normally completely exhausted. There are some serious pitfalls to avoid if you want your film to succeed, and if you want to be able to clear that last... read on

British Villainy in Hollywood

by Rory O'Donnell -- Yesterday Dame Helen Mirren was reported to have said in Los Angeles “I think it’s rather unfortunate that the villain in every movie is always British. We’re such an easy target that they can comfortably make the Brits the... read on

Renounced: The Arrested Development Movie

by Mike Ellis -- From time to time, Raindance pauses and comments on one of the many strange things this world offers. It could be political, cultural or religious. Just plain straight wrong. Here is todays "Renounced"   Recently we have again... read on

H is for Horror

by Jake Smith -- If M is for Murder, then H must be for Horror right?   Here at Raindance we have devised a Top 10 Films list that begins with the infamous letter for you to peruse this weekend, don’t worry Harry Brown doesn’t feature..... read on

Mobile Phone Filmmaking

by Mike Ellis -- It used to be that a mobile phone was just a mobile phone. It made calls and that was it. It has many more uses than that today, but one of the most interesting is its use to the filmmaking world. It may be hard to believe, but many... read on

5 Things I Learned about Film from Song Lyrics 2013

by James Burbidge -- Being a filmmaker means picking up inspiration and ideas from all around you – writers eavesdrop on buses, cinematographers might spot some climbing gear that could double function, directors might find great locations just... read on

What happens after a screening at Raindance

by Amélie Thille -- In 2009, we showed over 80 features and 130 shorts. Screening at a festival like Raindance is not just about filling seats, it’s also about meeting filmmakers like you with whom you might be shooting your next project; getting... read on

10 Ways Filmmakers Manage Their Online Reputation

by Elliot Grove -- Filmmaking as a career is difficult enough without having to constantly be looking over your shoulder to see what others are saying about you on the internet. There is no escape from the internet and what people say about you. A... read on

4 Habits Of Successful Filmmakers 2012

by Elliot Grove -- I have been very fortunate in my work at Raindance and met scores of successful filmmakers. It makes me rankle when I hear how one must have talent in order to be successful. I believe we all come into this world with an equal... read on

Creating A Personal Genre - 10 tips 2012

by Elliot Grove -- The film industry markets movies by genre. Do you want to see a horror? A comedy? A thriller? Or do you want a mixed genre like action adventure or romantic comedy? To make it as a screenwriter, one needs to become genre specific:... read on

3 Reasons Why Obama Loves Independent Film

by Britanny Kepke -- The big news in the United States, and around the world is the passing of President Obama’s Health care Reform Bill. After the passing of the bill, the suing started.  Fourteen officials from various states have gone to court... read on

7 Things To Do When You Submit Your Film

by Raindance -- You have now completed your masterpiece and have decided to submit it to Raindance (or another Festival). Here are seven tips on how to maximise your submissions impact:... read on

Exposition - The 6 Basic Storytelling Tips

by James Burbidge -- So what is exactly is ‘exposition’? Mckee says that “Exposition means facts – the information about setting, biography and characterisation that the audience needs to know to follow and comprehend the events of the... read on

Working At Film Festivals

by Amélie Thille -- There are many people whose ambition is to work in a Festival. And Film Festivals sound particularly exciting and glamorous. I can tell you, it is really exciting; although until you’ve actually done it, you don’t realize how... read on

Renounced: Oven Babies

by Brittany Kepke -- From time to time, Raindance pauses and comments on one of the many strange things this world offers. It could be political, cultural or religious. Just plain straight wrong. Here is todays "Renounced"... read on

Tim Burton Suite of Scripts and Movies

by Raindance -- The complete Tim Burton screenplay collection.... read on

Michael Brown's Top 10 List

by Michael Brown -- Michael Brown was born in 1958 in West Germany; raised in Germany and Italy (to 1963), in the San Francisco Bay Area (to 1971), in Paris, France (to 1976), in Arizona (to 1978), in Germany (to 1982), in Paris till 2005, currently... read on

Elliot's advice about getting your movie made

by Raindance -- A few days ago Raindance Founder Elliot Grove received an email asking if he would like to produce a film and, if not, if he had an advice for a filmmaker living in a small town. This gentleman had a prize-winning script, had read up... read on

10 tips of Networking for "new-born" filmmakers in London

by Victorai Russo -- I guess no one is simply born a filmmaker, one day we are just bitten by film-contagious beasts and become "new-born" filmmakers, suckers for films and inspiration. But filmmaking is a team-sport so we need other people to make... read on

How to Make a Cheap “SteadiCam” for Mobile Phone Filmmaking

by Kerric Harvey -- One of the toughest production challenges in making mobile phone movies is keeping the tiny little camera steady enough to avoid shaky footage. A simple cloth arm sling makes a great brace for your camera-phone. Pick up a cheap,... read on

Avoiding Shaky Footage – Stabilizing Your Mobile Phone Camera

by Kerric Harvey -- The two biggest technical challenges facing the mobile phone film-maker are picture stability and audio quality. Unless you want to start buying a boatload of peripherals, you can’t do too much about the audio until you get to... read on

Six Things to Look for in a Movie-making Mobile Phone

by Kerric Harvey -- Mini-movies made on a mobile phone are all the rage right now, with at least one full-length feature in theatrical as well as online release (Sugarman, 2006) and a fistful of Very Small Screen (VSS) film festivals popping up on... read on

Fundamentals of Mobile Phone Filmmaking

by Kerric Harvey -- For years recording technology has been getting smaller and smaller, simpler and simpler, cheaper and cheaper, driving towards a democritisation of the filmmaking process (although we all know that technology, per se, does not a... read on

10 Things A Filmmaker Needs Every Day 2012

by Frederica Byron -- It takes a lot of equipment to get a film made.  Whether you're a writer, producer or director. These are the 10 Things A Filmmaker Needs Everyday.... read on

How Film Training Can Ruin Your Movie 2013

by Frederica Byron -- When you're first starting out in filmmaking it can seem like another world, and a bit of guidance can really help you get started. Getting help from a screenwriting book, a beginners class or a screenwriting DVD can solidify... read on

10 Tips For Pitching Screenplays

by Paul Bryan -- I really enjoyed the Live Ammo session. It was my first time at such an event and I came away thinking, 'there's nothing scary here'. I made some notes that were basically 10 short bullets of learning that I took from the night to... read on


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