Make Our Story - Review

By Patrick Chamberlain

Make Our Story is a documentary about the UK independent film industry. It gives a really good overview of the industry and how it works to help young or emerging talent. This film is very thorough and gets a great insight from UK independent filmmakers and how they work within or without the industry, It also gets interviews with people working for film festivals, governing bodies and productions houses so it has a really good overall picture from every part of the UK filmmaking spectrum. The documentary has a lot of interviews with British independent filmmakers who have made films off their own back as it were and their experiences in getting it made and distributed which gives you a lot of knowledge from experienced filmmakers. The film also uses clips from the independent filmmakers movies to show you what each of the interviewee’s has made which is really good visually as it overlays parts of their interviews. Make Our Story also looks at people who have had to learn by themselves simply by making films and learning from their mistakes, which is good for people who haven’t gone to film school to see that they can still make films just as good.

Something I really like about this documentary is that it is really inspiring for filmmakers and people who want to get started making their own films. One of Make our Story’s strongest messages is “Get off your ass and go make it” which I think is really great for anyone with an idea for a film they’d like to make but hasn’t yet made it. Make our Story shows how the UK independent film industry is open to anyone who can tell a good story, but that they have to have the passion and craft to make their vision a reality. This documentary has a really good heart and is definitely a must watch for anybody thinking about making films or wants to learn about the current state of the UK film industry.

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About The Author

Patrick ChamberlainPatrick was born in Hong Kong in 1989. He lived there for ten years of his life before travelling around the world for a year. He eventually ended up on the shores of Brighton where he spent his teenage years growing up. Whilst in Brighton he discovered the independent and foreign film section in his local video box. This led Patrick to discover a whole new cinema that he had never seen before. He realised that you could tell stories in so many different ways. After becoming hugely affected by this different type of cinema Patrick started making short little films with his friends. He took film at 6th Form and went on to study Film & Moving Image Production at the Northern Film School in Leeds. He graduated in 2011 and became an intern at Raindance.

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