By James Burbidge

Released on DVD: 30th May 2011

Ok, off the bat: it’s tre-may, not treem.


From the guys that brought you The Wire comes Treme - a handful of stories set in New Orleans, three months after Hurricane Katrina rolled through. We follow, variously: a Mardi Gras Indian Chief preparing for the first post-Katrina festival, a tough bar-owner tracking down her brother who was in police custody when the storm hit, a local university lecturer who’s rants on Youtube make him a local hit, a struggling chef and restaurant owner, a couple of busking musicians, a radio DJ and a trombonist constantly looking for work. If that sounds like a lot, it is. But if you’ve seen The Wire, you’ll know that it’s David Simon and his writing team’s skill to weave these into an intricate and deeply personal web of stories. The writing here is superb, the dialogue rich (and yes, it’ll take you an episode or two to get into the slang), the stories by turn poignant, sad, angry and joyous. And the music. Oh the music. For these characters music is an intrinsic part of their way of life, as important as food almost. And it shines through on the soundtrack, which is pulsing with the bluesy, rocknrolly, brassy, jazzy hybrid that is New Orleans music. If you’ve got a good set of speakers, this music will elevate these episodes to another level.

Watch this series, watch it for the excellent writing, the powerful acting (the cast contains Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Steve Zahn and Clark Peters), the wonderful music, but most of all, watch it to be immersed in a world utterly unlike your own.

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