Rabbit Hole

By Raffaele Trapanese

DVD Released: 20/6/11

Rabbit hole is the story of married couple Howie (Aaron Eckhart) and Becca (Nicole Kidman) who get lost in the infinite hole of desperation after the death of their only son. This powerful film immerses you in the minute-by-minute, struggle to survive and get through situations such as these.   Becca tries to escape from real life and closes herself in a world only as big as her home, working in the garden and the kitchen. Day-by-day she tries to erase everything that reminds her of the child they lost. Howie walks a different path. His response to the gaping hole in his life is to try to return to normality, like everything could be ok. He goes to work and in the evening watchs videos of his son to fix those moments of happiness in his mind.

Rabbit Hole

In this intolerable situation, it soon becomes clear that their everyday existence can't go on, the movie becomes a journey to find out how they will escape from the rabbit hole. The story, and the actors in particular, bring forth an incredibly powerful film. Their feelings are so real, the passion that they send it is unbelievable. Rabbit Hole is a film that shows what happens when you live a very hard situation like this one and how the only way to survive is to go inside your feelings and try to live day-by-day in the best way you can.

Directed by: John Cameron Mitchell
Featuring: Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart
Running Time: 87 Min
Certificate: 12


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