Source Code

By James Burbidge

 Source Code

Source Code is the second film from Duncan Jones, acclaimed director of the award-winning Moon. All those following his career with baited breath can unbait it and breathe a sigh of relief: Source Code is good. With a fresh concept, a deft script and solid cast, Jones has created an intelligent thriller, exciting, unpredictable and with a great balance of action, emotion and grey-matter stirring.

Captain Colter Stevens is a U.S. helicopter pilot, serving in Afghanistan. He is understandably a little confused when he wakes up on a commuter train heading to Chicago. And yet more confused when the pretty woman sitting opposite seems to know him by the name of Sean. Minutes later the train blows up, killing everyone on board and a fair few innocent bystanders too (and maybe some who deserve it, you never know). Colter comes to strapped into a small military module, on screen his handler is questioning him about the mission. With Source Code technology, this unit can, and do, repeatedly send Colter back into the last eight minutes of one commuter’s life. His mission: to identify the bomber so they can prevent them from striking again.

Source Code

Hollywood is suffering from an extended bout of creative paucity. It’s a well-known fact that 117% of this summer’s releases are adaptations, sequels or remakes. Well, here’s a film to engage a jaded audience. It’s fast, furious and exciting. It makes your head hurt a little bit, and then it makes it all better again. It’s got engaging characters with fresh relationships. It’s got some brutal action, and some puzzling challenges. Whilst it might not have it all, it certainly has enough to firmly establish Mr Jones as a director to follow.

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Released:  01/04/11

Directed by: Duncan Jones
Written by: Ben Ripley
Featuring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan

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