Review of Producer to Producer

By Brenna Erickson

Producer to Producer

by Maureen A Ryan


Producer to Producer is a fantastic book for anyone Producer to Producerinterested in independent filmmaking.  It is an excellent tool for not only producers, but also directors, writers, actors, and yes, even lowly crew members.  The book follows the process of filmmaking from start to finish and through the most painful stages; stages that many producers have to learn the hard way.

Ryan's book provides real examples of budgets, script breakdowns, schedules, call sheets and more throughout the book from a short film she produced entitled The Red Flag.  With the purchase of the book are also included download-able legal forms, budget templates, and other useful goodies for anyone trying to get their production organized, legally sound, and headed for success.

Ryan introduces some good rules of thumb to follow.  Some of which I have the utmost faith in and others I will be using on my next projects.

       a) be willing to commit 2-5 years on a project
       b) feed the cast and crew (especially if you aren't paying them)
       c) budgets are your friends
       d) learn legalese
       e) back-up twice, if not three times

A must-read for any independent filmmaker looking to finish a project or make back their budget.  Before you finish the script...READ THIS BOOK FIRST.

Get your copy here.

-Brenna Erickson

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Brenna EricksonBrenna Erickson had no choice but to dedicate her life to film after her first film shoot entailed running around a basement in subzero temperatures in a formal gown with bare feet. She apparently couldn't get enough of it and is working on evolving into a FILM PRODUCER/SCREENWRITER, but until investors begin showering her with money, she is interning whilst learning as much as possible. She owns a film company called Em.K. Productions with her partner in crime. Her first feature film, Anatomically Incorrect will be hitting the film festival circuit in spring 2011.


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