Marketing Low Budget Films

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Finding a recipe for success for a budget movie is something budding filmmakers are constantly striving to achieve. Getting their work screened in cinemas is a pipedream for many talented individuals desperate to make it in to the movie industry.

Without funding, it’s incredibly difficult to not only make a film, but also market and distribute it.

But what happens if you have made a film for next to nothing and want to advertise it for next to nothing as well?

Read on for a few tried and tested ways to create a buzz about a low-budget movie without having to spend a fortune: 

Raindance Film FestivalCreate a buzz via the film’s website

First up, it’s important to be realistic from the off. No matter how good you think your film is and how much effort you put into trying to make it a success, you may still require a slice of good fortune somewhere along the way to help it on its way and the whole project could ultimately end in disappointment.

Stay positive, though, and hopefully you’ll learn valuable lessons that’ll stand you in good stead going forward.

Creating a website specifically for your feature is a good place to start when trying to market it.

Upload a teaser video and do a series of short snippets that you can upload at regular intervals to give visitors to the site a taste of what to expect from the film. Include all the relevant information about the film, including the release date, how people can see it, biographies about the people involved and contact details.

Start a mailing list so you can reach the people who want to see it and so you have contact details on a database. Buying web domains is pretty cheap and creating a cool site doesn’t have to involve any great cost.

Be creative. Once you’ve put all this in place it’s time to drum up support using viral marketing.

Create a buzz using social media

Whatever your personal opinions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, never underestimate the power of these social media tools, especially if you want free publicity – or indeed any publicity!

Set up specific Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites for the film and constantly update them and update followers of the latest news, developments and teaser clips. Get your friends and family to support the sites and ask them to ask their friends to help as well and pass the message on.

Spread the word and be responsive to any emails or messages that come your way. Sites like Twitter make it easier to network and to contact people who may be able to create a wider awareness of the film so don’t be shy in firing off messages to people.

Raindance Film Festival Create a buzz in the media

The relentless social media campaign of the film should also be closely linked with how you promote it through more traditional forms of media, including newspapers, radio, websites and blogs.

Create and send out a press release to local and national newspapers and publications, whether online or print. All this has to be is a few descriptive paragraphs about the film, quotes from the relevant people who were involved and contact details in case journalists and bloggers want to get in touch for further information. If you provide them with a wealth of information and effectively do the hard work for them, bloggers and journalists are more likely to use the copy.

Keep feeding any contacts you make information in the build up to its release. Targeting the local media is important as the local link could help to drum up initial support that proves crucial. Perhaps run competitions to give away tickets to the screening. Send DVD copies of the film for bloggers and critics to review or arrange special screenings for them and hopefully this will create a bit of publicity on a few sites.

In summary, effort, endeavour and a positive attitude will go a long way to helping your film succeed, but if it doesn’t then it’s vital to know when to move on and concentrate on a new project. Good luck!

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Marketing Low Budget Films