Film Festival Toolkit 2012

By Raindance

We have been running Raindance Film Festival in teh heart of London since 1993 - that's nearly 20 years. We have put together some tips we thought you could use, whether or not you ever submit a film to Raindance:

The 5 Types of Film Festivals
At Raindance we categorize festivals 5 different ways, according to the numbers of sales executives and industry professionals who attend.

Learn how to identify the festival you are applying to, and identify the category they belong to. Doing so will greatly enhance your expectations of your festival screening.

1. Major Film Festivals
2. Mini Major Film Festivals
3. Civic Film Festivals
4. Genre Film Festivals
5. Mom and Pop Film Festivals
Read the full details of how festivals are divided into 5 Types of Film Festivals

A word about festival politics: Premieres and World Premieres
Faye Dunaway
                        At Raindance
Faye Dunaway at Raindance October 2008
Why Attend Film Festivals?

Film festivals are an important part of a filmmaker's plan to launch and begin marketing a film and creating a buzz, be it for a short, feature or documentary.

The goal of a film festival
- to deliver an audience of film lovers to admire and appreciate your film.

The goal of a filmmaker
- to deliver an entertaining film to the festival that will make the festival look good.

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Presenting yourself to a film festival

If you haven't been to a film festival before, it's good to know about the protocol of how festivals work. Here is some advice on presenting yourself to a film festival.

Good web resources

Free article
How to market your film on the internet

Red Carpet

Red carpet at Cannes
Maxing out your screening
So this is it: the big screening of your movie! It was hard work to film, but the labour doesn't end there; now you want to make sure tonnes of people view the film.

Spreading the word is crucial, so here are some sure-fire ways to be seen and heard.

Get the lowdown on clean grafitti


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The career thing

Attending a film festival is a great way to get noticed. Getting your film sold is a priority and getting a sales agent often is a huge help.

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top of
Global Filmmaker
Digital Technology has changed not only filmmaking, but also distribution, marketing and consumption of films.

The advances in film online are not merely evolutionary but revolutionary. Can any film maker afford to ignore the opportunities that the digital space offers?

This intensive 1 day workshop will help you discover how to master the new global digital opportunities for maximum value.

What: Global Digital Filmmaker
When: Saturday 13 June 9:30 - 6pm
Where: Central London
How Much: £195 + VAT (Raindance members get 15% discount)
Call 0207 287 3833 to register or Book Online Here

Read On...

Why Raindance?
Ask yourself these questions:

- Do you want your film screened in the centre of London's West End
- Read celebrity quotes about Raindance
- Europe's leading film festival for on-line digital strategy
- Run by filmmakers for filmmakers

Submission deadlines Early: May 1 Final June 3 and submission details
I hope these articles are of use. Think we could do anything better? Let me know - email with your suggestions and comments.
What are you reading this for - you should be out shooting.
You can't enter a festival without a film!

Raindance Film

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Raindance Film Festival

Tongue In Cheek
Remember How They Say No in The Film Industry
How to fake being an indie auteur

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