Occassional Guide To
Script Development Hell

By Elliot Grove

It's easy to get derailed when you are trying to close a deal with a production company for your screenplay/ The most common is for the screenwriter to fail to read the signs the development executive is sending.

Here is a guide to the most common signs and signals a development executive sends:

Frequent winks and nods

It Means: The devlopment executive is starting to lose control of their bodily functions. This is serious. Their bladder and bowel could be the next to fail. Rush them to the nearest hospital. When they recover, hope they thank you for saving their life.

Frequent laughter, even at the smallest thing

It Means: The development executive hates you, hates your script and wants you to go away as soon as possible. Instead of responding to your stab at humour or story by correcting your setups and even by proving how clever they are with witty additions to your story, they cruelly resort to mocking your amateurish writing with sarcasticistic over-the-top laughter.

Nonstop clearing of the throat

It Means: You've hit the jackpot. Guttoral noises indicate genuine interest.

Occassional meetups for a drink

It Means: Every informal drink before your deal is signed takes one year off your life.


It Means: Nothing. shout back. They might like having a conversation at 90dB's with someone else for a change.

A faint touch of the hand coupled with prolonged eye contact with occassional glance at the corporate cheque book

It Means: Nothing. It means nothing at all. Ignore

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Occassional Guide To Script Development Hell

Live!Ammunition! Berlinale 2012,br>

Live!Ammunition! Pitching in Toronto

Winners Annouced
1) Big City at Night - Thomas Zug
2) Home - Marc Galmond
3) Expose - Gloria Gommer

Special Mentions:
Karl the Hero - Jesco Pubuj
Lessons in Ethics - Linus Foerster

Pitch Your Movie
Your chance to pitch your movie idea directly to a panel of top film executives. These are the people who matter. They are the people who buy scripts - they are the people who decide what will be made and what won't.

Your chance to pitch your movie idea to the people who can get it in cinemas in this intense emotionally charged event.

To pitch, just drop a fiver in the hat, and the floor is yours. You have two minutes to convince the panelist to read your script or make your film. They can and will gong you off if you are boring!

A Few Tips
›› Don't read from cards. It destroys eye contact
›› Sell the sizzle, not the steak
›› Be brief, don't be boring
›› Be entertaining

Practical Information
When? Saturday 11 February 2012
Time? 12pm noon
Where? Homebase Lounge, Köthener Straße 44, 10963 Berlin
Price? It's completely free! Just send us an email to confirm a seat!

Venue Information
HomeBase LoungeHomeBase Lounge has been working with the Berlinale since 2004 and is a social venue, located in the heart of Berlin. They specialize in providing conference, reception, and party space for the tech- and social-media sector.
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Matthias LuthardtMatthias Luthardt - Director

Matthias Luthardt grew up in the Netherlands, Stuttgart and Hamburg. His ambition to become a classical musician was a crackpot idea.
He attended directing class at Potsdam filmschool and graduated with the feature film “Pinpong”, premiered in the Critics´ Week in Cannes 2006. Besides working on his films as a writer and director, he is running workshops in Germany and abroad, last in Kenya.


Sean McConville

Sean McConville - Writer, Director, Producer

A working filmmaker, Sean McConville began his career as a SFX technician on big budget studio features, including “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”, “Mortal Kombat” and James Bond movies “Goldeneye” and “Tomorrow Never Dies”, allowing him the opportunity to work closely with director's such as Sir Richard Attenborough, George Lucas, and Michael Winterbottom.

Sean’s debut feature film as a Writer/Producer/Director, DEADLINE, starring Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch, premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London, and showcased at Berlin, Cannes, and the American Film Market, where it sold for distribution to many countries around the world.

Sean is now a Toronto based filmmaker and in 2010 set up Frenzy Films to produce genre films - the first out of the gate being The Calling, dir. Stephanie Joalland’s debut feature, and The Car, Sean’s 2nd feature film as director.

Gregorio GonzalezGregorio Gonzalez - Producer

Gregorio Gonzalez is a mathematical engineer from the Universidad de Chile and a self-taught filmmaker.  He founded FORASTERO, production company through which he produced LA NANA (Sundance 2009 Grand Jury Prize and Golden Globe nominee), coproduced ROMAN’S CIRCUIT (2011 TIFF Discovery) and coproduced THURSDAY TILL SUNDAY (2012 Rotterdam Tiger Award).



Daniel DeakDaniel Deak - Daazo Co-Founder

Daniel was born in Budapest where he lives and works. He loves to create, write and watch films, especially shorts. He manages Daazo.com (with co-founder Zoltán Aprily) - the MEDIA programme-supported short film sharing website.

Also, he is the co-editor-in-chief of World of Shorts - the newest issue of the magazine is dedicated to the short film related programmes of the Berlinale.

Zoltan AprilyZoltan Aprily - Daazo Co-Founder

Zoltan was born in Budapest. He is a co-founder and owner of Daazo.com, a short film sharing site supported my the MEDIA programme (together with Daniel Deak). Zoltan also teaches video journalism at the Art Theory and Media Institute of ELTE University. Even more, he is the co-editor-in-chief of World of Shorts magazine which is now dedicated to Berlinale Shorts.

Your Host For The Event

Elliot Grove - Raindance Founder
Elliot GroveElliot Grove has worked intensively with writers and filmmakers at Raindance since 1992. He explains the tricks of the trade from practical experience and reveals some of the latest paradigms through lecture, exercises and video clips.

Elliot Grove founded Raindance Film Festival in 1993, the British Independent Film Awards in 1998, and Raindance.TV in 2007.

He has produced over 150 short films, and 5 feature films. He has written eight scripts, one of which is currently in pre-production. His first feature film, TABLE 5 was shot on 35mm and completed for a total of £278.38. He teaches writers and producers in the UK, Europe. Japan and America.

In Partnership with moviepilot
Moviepilotmoviepilot ist ein individueller, unabhängiger Filmratgeber, der dir Filmtipps ganz nach deinem Geschmack gibt. Zugleich ist es eine Community für alle, die Filme lieben und Gleichgesinnte suchen – kostenlos und unverbindlich.

Past Panelists Also Include

* Ewan MacGregor, actor
* Robert Jones (UK Film Council)
* Charles Steel, producer (Last King of Scotland)
* Menhaj Huda, director (Kidulthood)
* Elisar Cabrera, international film sales agent (High Point Films)
* Jim Wilson, producer (Shaun of the Dead)
* Matthew Dench, talent agent, (Dench Arnold)
* Dean Goldberg (Park Caledonia)
* Michael Cowan (Spice Factory)
* Richard Elfman, Producer, Director, Actor, Writer
* Jeremy Wooding (Bollywood Queen)
* Penny Woolcock (The Principles of Lust)
* Sarah Gavron (This Little Life)
* Norma Heyman, producer
* Richard Holmes, producer (Gruber Films)
* Brock Norman Brock (The Film Council)
* Roger Corman, Producer
* Lloyd Kaufman, Producer, Actor, Director, Writer
* Shane Meadows Director/Writer (28 Days Later, This Is England)
* Nik Powell (Scala Films)
* Michel de Schaetzen (Cinemavault)
* Seamus McGarvey-Award winning cinematographer of The Hours
* Anna Thomas - Producer of Oscar nominated 'El Norte' and 'Frida'
* Matthew Vaughan- Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch
* Coline Woodcock (Kuhn and Co)
* Ed King, Development (Rocket Pictures)
* Steve Gaydos Editor, (Variety)
* Antonia Bird - Director, (Ravenous, Face, Mad Love, Priest)
* Tracey Scoffield-Head of Development and Exec Producer BBC Films
* Morwenna Banks - Writer/Actress, (The Announcement)
* Leslee Udwin - Producer, (East is East, The One and Only)
* Nahrein Mirza - Head of Development, (Littlebird Pictures)

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