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Jane-Marie Saldanha

Getting into TV screenwriting is undeniably hard. From coming up with an idea to getting your script read, an aspiring teleplay writer faces many challenges and little in the way of help or advice.

Raindance has come up with a list of resources aimed at those looking to make their way in such a tough profession. These links are aimed at those interested in television, a crucial medium for the establishment of many writers' prospoerous careers.

If you're looking for anything from scripts to read for inspiration or the names of the UK's TV commissioning editors, this list should have something for you.

           BBC Writer's Room

A veritable smorgasbord of information for the budding TV writer, including access to selected BBC scripts from shows like Being Human, Doctor Who and Spooks. There are also interviews with the BBC’s biggest screen writers, tips specifically for situation comedy and dramatic writing and access to a free tool called Script Smart, a set of templates for formatting scripts.

         BAFTA - Access All Areas

The Bafta website’s Access All Areas section includes a series of articles relevant to the modern TV writer. In particular, there are tips for screenwriting from the Bafta winning Matt Greenhalgh and the man behind Channel 4’s Longford, Peter Morgan.

         British TV Comedy

With details for almost 900 British TV Comedy shows, this website is useful for anyone looking to break into comedy writing. Full of information about specific writers and actors, it’s a good way to look for recent trends in comedy and the common features of programmes shown by the biggest channels in British television.

         UK TV Comissioning Editors

A list of the names and positions of UK TV commissioning editors. After all of your hard work, these are the people that any screenwriter will ultimately have to impress. Everyone from the Commisioning Editor at BBC Drama to Nickelodeon’s Creative Director is featured on the list.

         Writer's Guild of Great Britain

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is a great resource of practical information with guidance for copyrighting and a blog specifically about the script writing world.

         Start In TV

This website includes a “Day In The Life of...” resource in which a television screenwriter discusses how to get into the field and stay there. It also features a list of useful links and books.

         Screenwriting in the UK

A writer whose credits include Eastenders and Doctors, Danny Stack’s blog gives an interesting perspective on scriptwriting in the UK. He also gives 10 steps to getting into the British TV as a screenwriter, covering everything from writing to attitude.

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About The Author

Jane-Marie Saldanha is a Physics student interning at Raindance. After years of flittering between different answers to the "what do you want to be when you grow up" question (answers which included Ice Cream Truck Driver and Astronaut), she now has little to no idea about what what to do with herself after University.

But she likes films.

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