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The Following by Christopher NolanThe Following (1998)

Filmed on a shoestring lo to no budget over the course of an entire year, Christopher Nolan's startling debut already displayed the complex narratives and characters that would come to mark his films.

Whilst filming on the streets the crew stored their equipment in the Raindance office. The film played at the Raindance Film Festival in 1998.

Read the script of The Following
Lo To No Budget Filmmaking

Memento by Christopher Nolan

Memento (2000)

Based on a short story by his brother Jonathan and filmed across twenty five days,

Nolan's follow up to Following met with near universal acclaim earning an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay.

Read the script of Memento
Read the analysis of Memento

Insomnia by Christopher NolanInsomnia (2002)

An American remake of the Norwegian film of the same name, Insomnia starred Al Pacino and Robin Williams facing off against each other during Alaska's 'sunny' season.

The film features Nolan's characteristic confusion and builds on many of the themes of his earlier work.

Read the script of Insomnia

Batman Begins by Christopher NolanBatman Begins (2005)

Warner Brothers took a chance on Nolan, a newcomer to the blockbuster game, when they began their reboot of the Batman Franchise.

The film was a huge success both critically and commercially and relaunched a franchise whilst also revitalising the superhero genre.

Read the script of Batman Begins

The Prestige by Christopher NolanThe Prestige (2006)

In filming The Prestige Nolan worked with much of his Batman cast and a script co written by his brother Jonathan.

The film deals with the bitter rivalry between two nineteenth century magicians, the interplay between the two recalling the conflicts of Following and Insomnia.

Read the script of The Prestige

The Dark Knight by Christopher NolanThe Dark Knight (2008)

A phenomenal success, The Dark Knight smashed worldwide box office records and was highly praised by critics and fans alike. The story was written by Nolan and David S. Goyer with the final screenplay being written by Nolan and his brother.

Read the script of The Dark Knight
Read the contour structure report
Read the production notes

Inception by Christopher Nolan

Inception (2010)

A pet project of Nolan's that has been shrouded in mystery throughout production, Inception is a film that features the complex psychological ideas of Memento with the budget of the Batman films.

Nolan worked on the script for almost ten years.

Read the script of Inception here

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

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About Christopher Nolan

Chris Nolan Christopher Nolan is a British writer/director who has wowed audiences with his innovative and cutting edge filmmaking. 

After playing around on his father’s super 8mm camera as a child he started, as many directors do, with a short film called Doodlebug (1997). The film follows a man chasing a bug, who turns out to be a small version of himself running away.

This novel and extraordinary film kick started his career and since then he has made distinguished films such as The Prestige, The Dark Knight and the astonishing Inception.

The Following and Memento received their British premieres at Raindance Film Festival, and Chris was Filmmaker in Residence in 2000.

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