25 Carats [25 Kilates]

25 Carats [25 Kilates]


    Friday 1 Oct 19:00
    Monday 5 Oct 13:45


87 mins

Screening with "A Daily Day"
Director: Patxi Amézcua Country: Spain
Writer: Patxi Amézcua Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: N/A Print Source: Beatriz Setuain
Producer: Jose Nolla, Quique Camin
Cast: Francesc Garrido, Aida Floch, Manuel Moron

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A tense thriller set in Barcelona’s criminal underworld.


Set in Barcelona's criminal underbelly, this sizzling and tense thriller is a fantastic debut from Patxi Amezcua, a name worth following. A cross between 9 Queens and Leon, it follows Kay, a sassy car thief living with her con man father Sebas. Together they scrape by on earnings from petty theft in the hope that one of Sebas' bigger scams will eventually take them away from a life of crime.

One day, Kay is caught red-handed, but a mysterious, handsome stranger, Abel, impulsively rescues her from the police. Abel has also been forced to work in the criminal underworld to support the upbringing of his young son Adrian. The chemistry between Kay and Abel builds and as their bond strengthens they realise they can help each other. When their lives are threatened, their trust is tested, and they are forced to chose where their loyalties lie.

25 Carats combines gripping plot twists and a virulent cat and mouse chase as well as a distinctly subtle portrayal of the tenderness and delicacy of love, trust and loyalty between the protagonists. This sexy thriller is executed with a fresh and exciting fervour, brilliantly shot using muted sepia ones, tight close-ups and shorts cuts which bring an enlightening intimacy between the character combined with a breathless pace in action sequences. Held together by an outstanding cast, 25 Carats has already garnered attention after its TIFF premiere and demonstrates a remarkable collusion between violence combined with a delicate sensitivity to vulnerability.