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105 mins

Director: Asiel Norton Country: USA
Writer: Asiel Norton Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Zoran Popovic Print Source: Magdalena Zyzak
Producer: Magdalena Zyzak
Cast: Lucy Adden, Mark Aaron, Toben Seymour

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Debut director Asiel Norton chose 35mm for this gorgeously filmed morality tale of sex and incest set during the 1930’s recession in Redland County California.


Described as an avant-garde Western, Redland is the type of American independent film we haven’t seen made for years. Shot stunningly on 35mm, Redland is set during the 1930s Depression era in a tiny outpost in the Redland County, California. A family is struggling to survive in a mountain shack, whilst the daughter conceals her love affair from her zealous father. With starvation and death on the plate, the family have to make painful moral sacrifices which entail dire consequences.

Asial Norton’s debut feature has abandoned the digital school of casual realism and adopted the stunning visuals of 35mm supported by Director of Photography Zoran Popovic, better known for shooting horror genre films. As a consequence, Redland has a dreamy look, reminiscent of Altman, Malick and Weir, combined with the glow associated to Capra.

Norton is quoted as saying he wanted ‘the film itself to look alive, like the film was breathing’, reflected in the soundtrack full of heavy breathing and rustling clothes, repeatedly suggesting arousal or death throes. He has created a challenging film, and with it almost certainty written his own ticket to success.


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