My Suicide
My Suicide

My Suicide


    Saturday 10 Oct 18:30


105 mins

Screening with "Super Hero Blues"
Director: David Lee Miller Country: USA
Writers: David Lee Miller, Eric J. Adams, Gabriel Sunday Original Format:
Dir. of Photography: Lisa Wiegand, Angie Hill Print Source: Mary Miller
Producers: David Lee Miller, Larry Janss, Todd Traina, Eric Adams
Cast: Gabriel Sunday, David Carradine, Joe Mantegna, Brooke Nevin

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Short Synopsis:

A teen coming-of-age romantic dramedy about a media-obsessed geek and the most beautiful and twisted girl in school.


Archie Williams is a horny, geeky media obsessed teen who decides his school project will focus on him committing suicide. Forced into a psychiatric unit for a few days, he returns to school where the stunning and sexually experienced Sierra Silver finally notices him and who, it turns out, may be even more messed up than he is. Far from being perfect, she has her own reasons for wanting to commit suicide. Submerged into his newly found state of popularity, Archie documents his gleaming steps to finale.

Stunning, hilarious and groundbreaking, David Lee Miller’s My Suicide intertwines narratives, animation, archive footage, titillating visuals and a fantastic soundtrack in a film that is bound to gain a cult status. Winner of the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, its fantastic lead actor Gabriel Sunday became the recipient of numerous awards for Best Actor including Gen Art and Stargazer awards, and he was soon afterwards picked up by Ang Lee for Taking Woodstock.

In one of his last on screen performances, Archie's 'idol', played by David Carradine (Kill Bill), is seen discussing life, death and suicide, in a gripping prose which periodically interrupts the narrative of the film, shot only shortly before his death from suspicious causes.