A Normal Life Please
A Normal Life Please

A Normal Life Please


    Saturday 10 Oct 16:30


70 mins

Director: Tokachi Tsuchiya Country: Japan
Writer: Tokachi Tsuchiya Original Format: Video
Dir. of Photography: Tokachi Tsuchiya Print Source: Yuri Kubota
Producer: Tokachi Tsuchiya

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

This eye-popping documentary blows the lid on the Japanese government’s easing of labour regulations, as an overworked truck driver is menaced by a yakuza gang hired by his employers after he joins a workers union.


Video activist Tokachi Tsuchiya exposes the ugly face of Japanese industry in this jaw-dropping documentary about truck-driver Nobukazu Kaikura and his struggle with his employers. A sub-contractor for the Fucox cement haulage company, Kaikura works a staggering 552 hours a month without benefits nor sick pay, a regime that barely affords him time to wash or eat and which is driving him towards an early grave. Following a fatal accident involving another driver, refused sick leave by his employers, and two innocent bystanders, Kaikura is encouraged to join his workers union, an act that pits him against his company and their “associate” Mitsuo Kudo, a dubious character with a snarl, tattoos, and an entourage of hired thugs.

A Normal Life Please examines the repercussions of the Japanese government’s steps to relax labour regulations since the 1990s under the pretext of increased competition in the global market. As a result, there are now more than 16 million irregular workers in Japan employed under rapidly worsening conditions. Most have no idea of the basic rights available to them. Will justice prevail as Kaikura and his fellow union members take on the company and the yakuza in a battle in which the camera is the most powerful weapon?



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