The Girlfriend Experience
The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience



78 mins

Director: Stephen Soderbergh Country: USA
Writer: David Levien, Brian Koppelman Original Format: HDCAM
Dir. of Photography: Peter Andrews Print Source: Revolver Entertainment
Producer: Mark Cuban, Gregory Jacobs, Todd Wagner
Cast: Sasha Grey, Chris Santos, Peter Zizzo

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

The highly anticipated new feature from Stephen Soderbergh (Che, Ocean’s Eleven),  returning to the style of his breakout hit sex, lies and videotape, with adult film actress Sasha Grey stepping into the lead role.


Chelsea, (played by real life porn megastar Sasha Grey), is an elite Manhattan call girl who seems to have it all. She runs her own business, hiring herself out for $2,000 an hour and shares a gorgeous Manhattan loft with Chris, her understanding boyfriend. She specializes in ‘the girlfriend experience’, where in addition to sex, she offers companionship, conversation and kissing. She takes herself seriously, keeping a diary of everything she wears on a date, right down to the underwear. She is also not adverse to taking investment advice from her clients – as one tells her,’ go with gold not diamonds.’ Eager to improve her business she consults a sex connoisseur with his own website who offers a glowing review in exchange for a freebie. Meanwhile boyfriend Chris finds both his career as a personal trainer and his relationship with Chelsea in stagnation. When the sex connoisseur retaliates with a bad online review, Chelsea offloads her insecurities on Philip, a new client from out of town who seems to offer something more.

Steven Soderbergh returns to his low budget roots in a film reminiscent of his first, Sex, Lies and Videotape. The camera is hand held, much of the dialogue seems improvised, the direction is intimate but the Soderbegh's observational eye as sharp and unswerving as ever. Shot just before the last American election the film casts a wry gaze at relationships and consumerism, confronting our main concerns, sex, love and money.


Sasha Grey also starred in last year’s Raindance hit, 9-5 Days in Porn.