Ain't no Tomorrows
Ain't No Tomorrows

Ain't No Tomorrows


    Sunday 11 Oct 14:00


79 mins

Director: Yuki Tanada Country: Japan
Writer: Kôsuke Mukai Original Format: Video
Dir. of Photography: Yutaka Yamazaki Print Source: Geneon
Producer: Kanako Yoneyama
Cast: Tokio Emoto, Yuya Endô, Sakura Andô

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A multi-threaded drama portraying the tangled emotional dynamics of a group of six highschoolers as they reach the age of sexual awareness.


For all their braggadocio, high-school tough guys Akihiro and Mikio have pretty limited experience when it comes to the opposite sex. The closest they’ve come to a real flesh sensation is fondling the man-boobs of their flabby classmate Anpai, who they rename Oppai (meaning ‘tits’). Despite his lack of confidence over his weight, Anpai however manages to catch the eye of buxom class sexpot Akie, while Mikio is left only gawping on the sidelines at his object of desire, the wistful Natsuko, who seems more interested in flitting around their nerdy teacher Taguchi than in anyone her own age. Meanwhile Akihiro stumbles upon Chizu, passed out on ground with blood trickling down her thighs. An only child living alone with her father, Chizu seems curiously ill-informed about sexual matters, though as their friends start to pair up, one wonders if Akihiro is really the best person to teach her...

The latest from one of Japan’s hottest young filmmakers, Yuki Tanada, who wrote the script for Mika Ninagawa’s Sakuran and whose acerbic comedy debut Moon and Cherry screened to great aplomb at Raindance in 2006, is a canny coming-of-age drama that invokes the heady days of sexual awakening in manner that will have everyone in the audience reeling with embarrassed recognition over their teenage years, particularly the guys.


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