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97 mins

Director: Marc Price Country: UK
Writer: Marc Price Original Format: MiniDV
Dir. of Photography: Marc Price Print Source: Kaleidoscope Entertainment
Producer: Marc Price, Justin Hayles
Cast: Alastair Kirton, Daisy Aitkens, Leanne Pammen

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

When Colin dies and returns as a zombie, he ventures into an apocalyptic suburban South London. Told from a zombie's perspective and made for just £45, COLIN caused a sensation at Cannes.


Young Londoner Colin is bitten by a zombie, and transforms into one. As he is followed around London searching to feed on the living, London has become a post-apocalyptic city, and though the slow zombies seem to have taken over, there seems to be some resistance. In the meanwhile Colin’s sister and friends try tracking him down, in the hope they may be able to ‘revive’ him.

Shot for only £45, Colin is unique to the zombie horror sub-genre, because the central character is himself a zombie. Somehow, we still empathise with him, in part because we have seen his transformation. Director Marc Price has a flair for the original, and while he gives clues about what happened to cause the situation, the audience is engrossed in piecing things together. Price has also included little dialogue, keeping viewers involved with the action, which ranges from graphic through suspenseful to sullen.

There is a surprising level of realism for a zombie film, in large part due to the camera style, but owes a lot to the actors’ work. Alastair Kirton, as Colin, always rings true, and the supporting cast play the horror with deadly accuracy. The film overall has a chilling atmosphere, backed up by the original music of Jack Elphick and Dan Weekes. Their combination of blitz noise with backwards sounds makes this an eerie, twisted piece.

Picked up in Cannes, Colin has become an international sensation, recouping distribution deals throughout the world.


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