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Twitter Tips For Filmmaers From Raindance Film FestivalAt Raindance we work with some of the most talented writers, actors, directors and producers you would want to meet anywhere. These filmmakers - writers, directors and producers - are all working industry professionals.

They write detailed and inspiring articles for us, detailing the tricks and traps of independent filmmaking.

Here is a selection of articles they have written for us.

Indie Tips for Writers

We believe that screenwriting is the bedrock of the film industry. It can also be a frustrating occupation. Here are some articles we hope can really help.


Indie Tips for Producers

Why would anyone want to produce? If it goes right, the director get the credit. If anything goes wrong - it's the producer who take it in the ear, heart and wallet. Great producers are few and far between. Here are some articles we thought would help you launch a producing career.

Indie Tips for Directors

Directing is the most glamourous job in the film industry and the easiest one to mess up if you ignore the craft and techniques needed. Our collection of directing articles aims to provide you with interesting facts and details about this wonderful profession.


General Indie Tips

The industry is changing so rapidly at this time, and we have written articles dealing with these issues.



Critical Content

Critical Content is the Raindance review section written by Jules Garnett. It has a commitment to reviewing any independently distributed film with a cinematic release in the UK, no matter what the scale of that release may be. 


Most Popular Tips

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