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Film schools teach filmmaking.
Raindance makes Filmmakers. 

Our evening courses fit comfortably into your schedule whilst still providing you with a wealth of information.  Whether you're looking to write, direct or produce, we've got a course for you.

99 Minute Film School
Explore the basics of shooting a film and launching your career – in 99 minutes! FREE to Premium Members

Directing Essentials

In this intensive taster session, Chris Thomas will demonstrate effective ways of sharing your vision with your main collaborators, the producer, director of photography and cast. FREE to Premium Members

The Power Of Lighting
An introduction to creating better-looking low budget digital movies with atmospheric lighting, aimed at those with little or no technical knowledge of filmmaking.

The Art of the Beat Sheet
Discover the importance of producing a beat sheet and learn the important skills of writing one.

Pitching Skills Workshop
Learn to pitch like a pro. In this course you'll study the goals needed for a pitching meeting and explore the tools used in pitching. (Also sold as part of the Writer's Foundation Certificate)

Hollywood Screenwriting – Jumping the first hurdle
This lecture will give you industry information and tips that will make your script a more professional product, helping it jump the first hurdle and get past the reader.

Breaking Into the Film Industry
Identify areas of interest to you, and how to approach the right people - the people who can help you, or who can hire you. (Also sold as part of the Filmmaker's Foundation Certificate)

Creating a Business Plan
Gain the basic skills you will need to present your project to both industry and private investors. (Also sold as part of the Producer's Foundation Certificate)

Marketing And Selling Your Film

Learn how to approach film festivals and film markets with a strong press kit that will enhance the commercial potential of your film. (Also sold as part of the Producer's Foundation Certificate)

Budgeting and Scheduling
Grasp the essentials of how scripts are analysed and whipped into shape for budget and schedule, as a professional budget and schedule are an essential part of a business plan. (Also sold as part of the Producer's Foundation Certificate)

Basic Legal Contracts
In this evening crash course, the basic talents' (writers, directors, actors) contracts are explained and basic questions about film contracts are answered. View it as health insurance for filmmakers! (Also sold as part of the Producer's Foundation Certificate)

Movie Money
Learn how to make your project a more attractive investment using Enterprise Investment Schemes. (Also sold as part of the Producer's Foundation Certificate)

Cannes Survival Guide
If you are going to Cannes, or even if you are not, find out how the greatest film event of the year works and put yourself at a huge career advantage. 

What They Are Saying

I wish I'd gone to Raindance a long time ago - it would have saved me a fortune and unravelled a lot of mysteries about getting into the movie business.  Most importantly though, at Raindance they give you the tools to stop talking about it and get out and do it.
Philippa Juul, Screenwriter

I recommend all the couses at Raindance.
I know through experiance that the information gained is priceless before you go out shooting your movie. Raindance prepares the serious producer/writer/director for the real business of film making.
Chris Lennox. actor/director/producer

Raindance courses changed my life - who I am and all that. Without trying to sound egotistical, directing following the principles I have learned at Raindance really has made a huge difference to the way that I work, and has opened up endless possibilities and doorways hitherto closed.
Ben Moore, Director

Thank you for your informative and spot on information as always.
I took your course in Glasgow in October 1995 and I have made eleven features since then ... And they still haven't sent the limo! Do you have any suggestions as I have adhered to the Grove Method like a religion but I seem to be making little progress in the film fest circuit or with the majors. Is there a third way? As you know success is only surface deep and as a filmmaker an audience is what I seek, not money. Anyway if you can offer some guidance to one of your past graduates I would be grateful.
Robbie Moffat, Pinewood Studios

Just to say a million thank yous for the course last weekend.  It was absolutely fab!  I totally enjoyed it and you inspired me to go forwards instead of staying still.
You are a walking movie in human form and once my movie finally finds its feet - I would really love for you to be around because you just have that extra special know how to get it spectacular!
Hope to see you up at Live Ammunition tomorrow evening - but if not - take care.
Sheila Cronin

I know you get hundreds of emails every day but I wanted to say thank you for the course this weekend. I really enjoyed it and felt that by the end there were some great group dynamics going on. There were a number of areas that I was particularly interested in learning about (shooting with 35mm cameras, actors and cinematographers) and I am very happy with the level of detail that you provided for us. Really, it was great.
Richard Griffiths

Thanks again for a great weekend course.  The time just flew. I've now started thinking about my screenwriting in terms of a new business venture, and that way of thinking is really helping me focus on what I'm doing, along with the craft-skills that I've been learning over the last few months.


Raindance Doesn't Teach Filmmaking.
We Make Filmmakers.

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