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RaindanceRaindance 2009 may be over, we're already working on next year's Festival! Be part of it by submitting your film! Festival Submissions 2010.

18th Raindance Film Festival 2010 dates:
29 September - 10 October 2010.
Be there!


Don't wait until next Festival to meet us, join us during year!

As London's leading provider of practical filmmaking courses, Raindance is the original pioneer of independent filmmaking in the UK. Discover our full film training programme in London for writers, directors, producers and fimmakers.

Raindance 2009 Festival Awards

Best UK Feature: DOWN TERRACE, Ben Wheatley

- Ken Loach meets The Sopranos in this darkly comic and disturbing slice of social surrealism.



Best International Feature - Joint Winners

25 KILATES, Patxi Amézcua, Spain

- A tense thriller set in Barlenona's criminal underworld.



MY SUICIDE, David Lee Miller, USA

– Comedy in which a young man documents the lead up to his suicide.



Best Debut Feature: REDLAND, Asiel Norton, USA

– Debut director Asiel Norton chose 35mm for this gorgeously filmed morality tale of sex and incest set during the 1930’s recession in Redland County California.


Best Documentary: A NORMAL LIFE PLEASE, Tokachi Tsuchiya, Japan

– This eye-popping doc blows the lid on Japan’s easing of labour regulations, as an overworked truck driver is menaced after he joins a workers union.


Best Microbudget Feature: COLIN, Marc Price, UK

– UK zombie horror shot for only £45, Colin has become an international sensation.



Best UK Short: INFIDEL George Milton





Best International Short: OF BEST INTENTIONS Brian O'Malley, Brian Durnin Ireland  






Festival Catalogue 

Download over 180 pages of articles plus reviews of the coolest films

Festival Nominations & Awards

The Jury has spoken. We have a had a stunning collection of films this year. Congratulations to all the filmmakers, to the nominees and award winners.

Key facts

- Box office showed a staggering 83.4% increase
- films screened on a total of 22 different formats. Only 2 of the 120 performances started late - each 20 minutes late - a remarkable tribute to the festival and Apollo Cinema's excellent projection staff.
- the 18th Raindance Film Festival will re-open for submissions for the 2010 edition on January 1, 2010.


"This independent film festival is the gift that just keeps on giving. There are the usual, vital, masterclasses and talks, and, of course, plenty to watch: music-themed docs on everything from the Brit house explosion to Tiffany's stalkers, and plenty of films-about-film-making in the selection, both real and fictional (like A Necessary Death). And no indie festival would be complete without a film starring Paddy Considine (The Cry Of The Owl) or one directed by Steven Soderbergh (The Girlfriend Experience)."
- The Guardian

"Great films. Sold out screenings. Furious networking. Loud raucous parties. Everything you would expect from an independent film festival. Like Sundance was 15 years ago"
- LA Biz

"What they are calling Raindance in America: The SxSW of Europe"
- Gabriel Sunday (My Suicide)

Picture Gallery

Sept 30 - Opening Night
Oct 1 - Day 2
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Oct 9 - Day 10
Oct 10 - Day 11
Oct 11 - Closing Night

Cinema Advert banned in UK for bringing advertising into disrepute

We had a sweet deal with Pearl&Dean to play our cinema advert in cinemas all over London. There are 2 types of censorship advertisements heed to pass BBFC (we have a 15 rating) and CAA - the Cinema Advertsing Association - which makes sure everything is kosher. They have banned our trailer for bringing advertising into disrepute. You can read their decision here 

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Raindance is the UK’s leading independent film festival. Over the years, the festival has hosted such guests and filmmakers as Christopher Nolan, Shane Meadows, Ken Loach, Marky Ramone, Iggy Pop, Anton Corbijn, Mick Jones, Andrea Arnold, Adam Yauch, Quentin Tarantino, Faye Dunaway and Lou Reed.

Everyone’s looking for the next big indie hit. Our audience of film fans, journalists, acquisition executives, actors, producers and directors know that a screening at the Raindance Film Festival is a sign of quality.

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