Production Office
Production Office

Production Office


  • Saturday 4 October 18:45 Cineworld


84 mins

Director: Deborah Marks, Steve Solomos Country: Canada
Writer: Deborah Marks, Steve Solomos Original Format: 3HDCAM
Dir. of Photography: John Berrie Print Source: Automatic Pictures
Producer: Spillos Kapoglis,Deborah Marks, Steve Solomos
Cast: Shauna McDonald, Brandon McGibbon, Maury Chaykin

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

What happens Below-the-Line, stays Below-the-Line. 


Shot entirely in one room, and mostly between two characters, ‘Production Office’ recreates the high-tension, insanely minute-obsessed parody of a military campaign that is the ‘below the line’ world of film production.

Jane, foul-mouthed and cynical is coordinator of a production office in Toronto that is headquarters for the latest ‘Tales of the Space Knight’ shoot in New York, and beholden to the overbearing American producer, ‘The Enchilada’. Anxious to get home to her young daughter, she prepares to leave, letting her assistant Justy, an emo-type kid, to handle the wrapping up details when the phone rings. First an actor can’t get through US customs with his plastic light sabers (which, post-911, are classified as ‘weapons’) then a key costume goes missing, then Jane has to locate a missing actor to fill the role of ‘Spacelord Fauntelroy’ while the Enchilada’s phone calls become increasingly menacing and a rapid chain reaction takes motion. As evening becomes night and night becomes dawn, Jane and Justy attempt to pull genies out of the bottle while different characters – an amiable if sleazy driver, a degenerate but likeable go-to-guy, a costume supervisor with a bizarre sexual fetish, and a dimwitted PA careen in and out of the action, and the tension is relieved by demented sexual jokes, playfulness, viscious infighting, and bouts of barracks-style humor relieve the tension. The focus on Jane and Justy highlights their master-apprentice relationship, as well as their insane stamina and ultimate love of production.
Worth it for Jane’s classic line: “What the cunt does he want now?”