L...Like Love
L... Like Love

L...Like Love


  • Thursday 9 October 17:00 Cineworld


100 mins

Director: Janja Glogovac Country: Slovenia
Writer: Janaja Glogovac, Jelena Vukotic Original Format: 35 mm
Dir. of Photography: Igor Luther Print Source: Slovenian Film Fund
Producer: Radovan Misic
Cast: Lucija Serbedzi, Labina Mitevska, Rade Serbedzija, Davor Janjic

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Film L… like love is based on true story about young people from ex-Yugoslavia, who live and work in Prague – “center of emigrant crosses”. They are going through the changes in life, which are leading them into something completely new, different, special… L… like love is about friendship, about love and about the decadent society of today, where moral values are lost, once money and drugs are involved. 


A Mafia spy, transvestite flatmate, cocaine tea drinking granny, a cheating boyfriend,
Babushka Russian doll and George Bush – sound familiar? Didn’t think so.

From Janja Glogovac, a director with over ten years experience who’s been hailed a creative genius L… Like Love is one of the best films to come out of Eastern Europe this year. Energetic, hilarious and unpredictable, it traces a young filmmaker, Gina and her mission to maker her first feature. Having recruited her best friends as key cast and crew
Gina lands herself a Russian doll packed full of cocaine and is soon joined by the undercover
Mafia spy trying to recover it. Unfortunately a grandmother has mistaken it for sugar and
hidden it under her armchair.

L… Like Love boasts a first rate cast and a stunning soundtrack as it follows a group
of friends whose friendship is severely tested through their various addictions.
Combining tantalising visuals and superlative cinematography from award winning
DoP Igor Luther this is the debut feature film from Janja Glovic who had previously worked
on various shorts and documentaries. Croatian born Rade Serbedzja is a featured actor
who is best known for his role in the TV series Lost  and also won the Best Actor Award at the Rome Film Festival for Fugitive Pieces also screening at Raindance.