Hush [Closing Night Gala]



  • Sunday 12 October 19:00 Cineworld


90 mins

£25.00 - includes After Party

Director: Mark Tonderai Country: UK
Writer: Mark Tonderai Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Philipp Blaubach Print Source: Optimum Releasing
Producer: Zoe Stewart, Robin Gutch, Mark Herbert and Colin Pons
Cast: William Ash, Christine Bottomley

Film Details

World Premiere

Short Synopsis:

“It’s dark. It’s raining. You’re driving home on the motorway. Your estranged girlfriend asleep beside you. A truck overtakes you. Its shutter CLATTERS down. There’s a caged woman in the back! Screaming! Bleeding! The shutter comes back up. Do you help? No. You don’t want to get involved. You don’t want the trouble. You convince yourself you saw nothing. You choose to do nothing. But what do you choose to do when the next victim is the person you love?”


A tired and moody Zakes Abbot drives along a familiar stretch of rain-drenched motorway with his girlfriend Beth asleep in the passenger seat. He accidentally misses his turning and in the process cuts off a large white lorry, narrowly avoiding an accident. The enraged lorry driver then swerves violently ahead of him with the back panel of the truck swinging up to momentarily reveal a horrific sight – a terrified young woman chained in a cage. Zakes stares in disbelief and proceeds to tell the now fully awake Beth what he thinks he’s just seen. At Beth’s insistence he calls the police but tensions between the couple begin to flare when she accuses him of not doing enough to help the woman and erupt further when Zakes discovers a suspicious missed call on her phone. When the pair stop at a service station where Zakes carries out his routine job of putting up posters in the restrooms, he discovers that Beth herself has gone missing and soon comes to realise she may have become the next victim.
Making full use of the British weather to achieve it’s dark forlorn tone, this is a striking muddy-hued debut by British director Mark Tonderai who manages to hit every note in the chiller song book with absolute precision and in the process takes the audience on one hell of a scary ride.
This is the third feature from Sheffield based Warp X Productions (A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures, Donkey Punch), a new digital film studio based in Sheffield and allied to Warp Films and Warp Records.


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