Fine, Totally Fine
Fine, Totally Fine

Fine, Totally Fine (Zen Zen Daijobu)


  • Thursday 9 October 21:15 Cineworld


110 mins

Director: Yôsuke Fujita Country: Japan
Writer: Yôsuke Fujita Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Yoshihiro Ikeuchi Print Source: Third Window Films
Producer: Naoko Arai
Cast: Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Yoshino Kimura, Yoshinori Okada

Film Details

UK Premiere


Teruo is a part-time manual labourer and full-time dreamer, living with his despondent father in a flat above the family-run used bookshop. Teruo’s strange ambition to build a haunted theme park seems primarily motivated by a childish desire to ignore that it might well be time to grow up and face the real world, but nevertheless his friends and family seem to go along with his puppish enthusiasm, even as they find themselves continually subjected to a succession of elaborate spooky pranks as he refines his art of scare-making.

Not that any of them have a tighter grip on reality. The only one with his feet on the ground is Hisanobu, a sensitive young man born the same day as Teruo with a responsible job as a hospital manager. Hisanobu is so sensitive and eager to please that his female colleagues can’t believe he's still single, clubbing together to find him a wife. After a mishap at work however, he too finds himself plunged into an existential crisis when his boss tells him that his politeness is really nothing more than a façade masking a fundamentally selfish urge to be liked. Then Akari enters into the picture, an accident-prone she-nerd with a voracious appetite for fish sausages, whose arrival sets the cat among the pigeons with the two lifelong chums, with unpredictable and hilarious results.