The Ears
The ears

The Ears


  • Friday 10 October 14:00 Cineworld


116 mins

Director: Hiromu Nakamura Country: Japan
Writer: Hiromu Nakamura, Syuchi Nakajima Original Format: MiniDV
Dir. of Photography: Hiromu Nakamura Print Source: Shin Harada
Producer: Shin Harada, Suzuko Yamasaki
Cast: Fumiko Mizuta, Tomochika Izumi and Tamaki Kaiho

Film Details

 UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A tale from the south island of ''Takarami Jima', where people coexist with nature….


Part salaryman drama, part island idyll, Hiromu Nakamura’s debut feature features an unfeasibly beautiful ensemble cast playing a group of eco-friendly beach bums who have made their home on the sunny southern isle of Takarajima. Office Lady Aki is understandably overjoyed when she is sent down to join them from the city on a work assignment from her company, with memories of a previous summer romance still fresh in her mind. The dream turns sour however when it becomes clear that a group of greedy property developers are in the area threatening to ruin their island paradise, and she is forced to choose which side she is on.

The EARS is a bubbly youth movie that is as light and disarming as an episode of Dawson’s Creek or Home and Away; an environmental fable in which the issues are kept refreshingly simplistic and the world can be healed with a song, although Lord alone knows what the title has to do with any of this.