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  • Tuesday 7 October 14:30


95 mins

Director: Neil Thompson Country: UK
Writer: Geoff Thompson Original Format: Super 16mm
Dir. of Photography: Kate Stark Print Source: Formosa Films
Producer: Martin Carr
Cast: Mel Raido, Shaun Parkes, Scot Williams, Maxine Peake and Colin Salmon

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Set in the world of 80's clubland. A lonely factory worker becomes involved with a group of doormen building to a frightening and brutal climax.


Danny, a factory worker, separated father of two and fearful victim of street violence, wants to be a fighter. Befriending a group of amateur boxers he is offered work on the door of a local club. He is, however, no brutish fool and being an avid reader, writes about his journey in a way that is quite unsettling. His real boost comes from the friends he has made. Louis, heading up both the boxing and security details, is the voice of reason in the group; authoritative in stature but rational in thought; he is Danny’s spiritual and physical guide. Danny is closest to Rob, a complex man brooding over the mark left on his life by his abusive father.

As Danny learns to stand up for himself and others, the group finds themselves at odds with a syndicate of drug dealers, headed up by menacing drug baron Billy Hennessy, who threatens them with destructive force. In this savage world, it seems that friends like these can only prevail if they stick together. The films strengths include Colin Salmon, whose serenity as Louis offers a counterpoint to the dominating violence and aggression.