The Blue Tower
The Blue Tower

The Blue Tower


  • Thursday 2 October 20:45
  • Friday 3 October 14:00


87 mins
Director: Smita Bhide Country: UK
Writer: Smita Bhide Original Format: HDV, HDCAM
Dir. of Photography: AnneMarie Lean-Vercoe Print Source: Monkey in Heaven Films
Producer: Jamie Nuttgens
Cast: Abhin Galeya, Alice O'Connell, Indira Joshi

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Mohan is a young dreamer, unhappy in his marriage, pressured by his father-in-law into joining the family firm.  With his parents dead, he relies for money on the support of his tyrannical bed-ridden Auntie, Kamla, who delights in tormenting her innocent nephew. A stunning cross-cultural drama.


Mohan is unsatisfied with his life. He is unhappy with his arranged marriage and, struggling to find a job, he is being pressured by his father-in-law to join the family firm. With both of his parents dead and with few prospects in life, he is reliant on his overbearing bed-ridden aunt Kamla for financial security, and begins to find respite from his menial life in her new nurse – embarking on an affair with her. At the onset, it seems to be exactly what he needs from life. But it’s not long before some dark and sinister secrets begin to emerge, throwing a spanner into the works once again.

Beautifully shot against the backdrop of Southall, Smita Bhide’s debut feature depicts West London’s Indian community to colourful effect, painting a multi-cultural portrait of the city. Abhin Galeya also provides a terrific performance as Mohan, who is easy to identify with as he so desperately tries to escape the trials and tribulations of his everyday life.

It’s a clever and intriguing thriller that will capture your imagination from the big dreams of its lead character to the symbolism of the film’s titular Blue Tower. Daring enough to be different, it ushers in a new era for British-Asian cinema - and isn’t afraid of addressing several taboos in the process.