The Auteur
The Auteur

The Auteur


  • Saturday 11 October 22:00 The Rex


80 mins

Director: James Westby Country: USA
Writer: James Westby Original Format: DVC Pro HD
Dir. of Photography: Alan Jacobson Print Source: Amber Geiger
Producer: Amber Geiger, Bryan McDonald
Cast: Melik Malkasian, Katherine Flynn, John Breen

Film Details


UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A mockumentary following formerly renowned porn director Arturo Domingo (Five Easy Nieces, Requiem for a Wet Dream) through a bizarre weekend as he receives a lifetime achievement award at a film festival in Portland, OR.


Things are not going well for Arturo Domingo. His career, as the most artistic hardcore pornography director who ever lived, has been in a lull since he stopped working with long-time actor collaborator Frank E. Normo. The love of his life, Fiona, is long gone after enduring his jealous rage for too long. There is, however, hope on the horizon. Arturo has a new film in development and is headed to Portland, Oregon (director James Westby’s home and regular backdrop) for a film festival honouring and retrospective screening. In Portland, he is faced with his past in all its forms, and as he attempts to pull his life back together, it may just come apart at the seams.

The film’s semi-mockumentary style offers an interesting exposition as we get to know this bizarre pseudo-artist through his personal history. We are soon bombarded with porn takes of famous films, and this is good indication of the tone that Westby has set – the humour is often loud and extroverted, at times purposefully crude, but always cleverly conceived. There are moments of sentimentality, but the film slips neither into soap opera nor adolescent slapstick. The soundtrack, in part provided by Jason Wells, offers whimsy, and a solid, while peculiar driving force for the humour. This film, then, has it all: nudity, copious drug use, and many, many laughs.