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Elliot's Top Ten List

Elliot Grove, founder of Raindance and the British Independent Film Awards

lists his personal top ten.

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THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (Daniel Myrick/Eduardo Sanchez, 1999)
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I saw this film on cassette before the hype and I still marvel at its success. If nothing else, BWP was a brilliant piece of marketing.




CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL (Trey Parker, 1996)
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When we screened this film at Raindance in 1994, Trey actually showed up. We watched this movie in amazement and knew he would make it Big Time. We just didn’t know when.




CHUCK AND BUCK (Miguel Arteta, 2000)
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One of only two DV movies screened at Sundance the year after Blair Witch, this film is one of my favourites. A quirky script and fine performances. It screened at Raindance to great acclaim.





FOLLOWING (Christopher Nolan, 1998)
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Christopher Nolan parlayed nine months of weekends, £15,000 in cash and a 16mm camera into an amazing career. Taking this film to Hollywood, he quickly secured the finance for Memento. And the rest, they say is history.

The film was poorly released in the UK, where it played on one small screen at the Curzon Soho for many months. Despite the fact that the print earned over £80,000, the distributor refused to expand the release.  


GHOST WORLD (Terry Zwigoff, 2000)
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Another Raindance opening night film, with the sad-eyed Buscemi drooling over the girl.





LIVING IN OBLIVION (Tom DeCillo, 1995)
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If you want to know what it is really like to shoot a film with little cash, and deal with Brad Pitt at the same time, check this New York indie out.



RESERVOIR DOGS (Quentin Tarantino, 1992)
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Tarantino’s film came out in the UK a few months after I started Raindance, and is the classic example of how to launch your film career: Take Twelve Kids To A House And Chop Them UP.

Essentially a stage play, Tarantino’s brilliant script, taut direction and superb performances just screams genius. And if you don’t hear the scream, you certainly would have heard Mr T screaming it from every rooftop he could get onto.


ROPE (Alfred Hitchcock, 1948)
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Allegedly shot in a single take in a single day, this is surely the first (and maybe even today – the best) low budget movie.





MEET THE PARENTS (Emo Phillips, 1995)
The original version of Meet the Parents, a 16mm film, was screened at Raindance Film Festival in 1995. Emo Philips, the associate producer on the Hollywood version, used a bit of his own cash and produced this exceptional feature which is impossible to get a hold of.

The film was bought from Emo at Raindance, and he signed a terrible deal, earning only $50,000 on the deal for the picture that eventually topped the US box office in 2002.

The original version was much funnier and tighter than the Hollywood version. Most of the good jokes were watered down, except the Kevin the carpenter character. (Played by Emo in the original)

SEX LIES AND VIDEOTAPE (Stephen Sodergergh, 1989)
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Soderburghs first feature is a prime example of a first time feature: Limited locations, talented actors, and a sexy concept with a great script. I guess I am jealous, for this film was ‘discovered’ at Sundance, and not Raindance.




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