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Writing Books

Raindance Writers' Lab: Write and Sell The HOT Script

Grove, Elliot

If you're looking for a straightforward, practical, no-nonsense guide to scriptwriting that will hold your hand right the way through the process, read on! The Raindance Writers' Lab guides you through the tools that enable you to execute a strong treatment for a feature and be well on the way to the first draft of your script.

Written by the creator of the Raindance Film Festival himself, Elliot Grove uses a hands-on approach to screenwriting based on his many years of experience teaching the subject for Raindance training. He uses step-by-step processes illustrated with diagrams and charts to lend a visual structure to the teaching. Techniques are related to real-life examples throughout, from low budget to blockbuster films.

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Directing Books

Film Directing Shot By Shot: Visualizing From Concept to Screen

Katz, Stephen

A complete catalogue of motion picture techniques for filmmakers. It concentrates on the 'storytelling' school of filmmaking, utilizing the work of the great stylists who established the versatile vocabulary of technique that has dominated the movies since 1915. This graphic approach includes comparisons of style by interpreting a 'model script', created for the book, in storyboard form.

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Producing Books 


Raindance Producers' Lab: Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking

Grove, Elliot

Everything a budding independent filmmaker needs to know in order to navigate the film industry.

This book consistently wins plaudits from readers.

When Elliot Grove started writing this book, he had in mind a thin volume with the tips and tricks he had picked up over 25 years working as a scenic artist, set designer and founder of the Raindance Film Festival.

"It just grew and grew" says Elliot of the 200,000 word book.

 'Indispensible,' says Dov S-S Simens.,'and Elliots voice and personality shine throughout this wonderful book.'

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General Filmmaking Books


New Book: Beginning Filmmaking: 100 Easy Steps from Script to Screen

Grove, Elliot

Principles, practice, and techniques: the ultimate guide for the aspiring filmmaker.

This inspirational book offers a complete introductory course in film making skills, and techniques, with 100 easy projects from writing, producing, and directing, to marketing and publicising your finished work.


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