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Working the net 30/04/10

Hey. I'm trying to find the perfect filming location in the UK for group project for college. It's sort of our big end of year film. We just got back from filming something in Budapest where my role was producer but for this film I am writing and directing and I want it to be perfect.

I desperately need a house/log cabin/old cottage (hagrid's house) by the shore of a large lake with mountains as the backdrop over the lake.

This image is PERFECT. If only there was a little old house 20 meters out of shot to the left (and it wasn't in Norway).

I am asking for your help as we have to film in 3weeks and we are struggling to find anything remotely right at the minute. Property letting companies wont help unless it is one of their properties we will be filming at (understandable I guess). And tourist boards for Scotland, Wales, etc seem to suggest we should pay a location scout to find us a location (we have no money).

We are looking at the peak district, the lake district, Wales, Scotland, etc but at this point all we can do is make phone calls, send emails and google image search as without a good suggestion, we cannot afford to drive to these places to have a look ourselves.

Hope you can help, sorry for bothering you if you cannot,

James Byrne.



I’m looking for an editor to work on a short documentary (5min) about health issues for a competition closing on the 28th May
The film will be about woman with schizophrenia who is a painter and writer. We’re looking to produce a visual/cinematic piece rather than straightforward interview so anyone with strong visual editing skills would be wonderful.
Unfortunately no money is available but I would be happy to help out on other projects in return.
If interested please contact me as soon as possible,

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