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Friday 28 17:30


Apollo Piccadilly




Band/Artist Name: Elia & The Low Tears
Country: UK
Running Time: 04:00
Original Format: HD

Director: Tom Shankland
Writer: Tom Shankland
Producer: Ikonic
Director of Photography: Alev Erdogan
Cast: Elia & The Low Tears, Cody Leahy, Gloria BeyiA

A couple of kids sneak to a rehearsal of an ageing worn-out rock band.
The kids shake a tail feather and the energy and love of the song they
play turns the band young again.


Madly in Love

Band/Artist Name: Yfke van Berckelaer, Lucas Cantor, Femke Weidema
Country: USA/The Netherlands
Running Time: 5min
Original Format: Super 16mm

Director: Yfke van Berckelaer
Writer: Yfke van Berckelaer
Producer: Yfke van Berckelaer + Darren Herczeg
Director of Photography: Milena Pastreich
Cast: Caitlin Beitel, Daniel Amerman

A one song, one shot musical that will make you want to fall Madly in Love!


Slugabed's Turbo Juicer 4000

Band/Artist Name: Slugabed
Country: UK
Running Time: 03:13
Original Format: HD

Director: Chris Ullens
Writer: Chris Ullens
Producer: Chris Ullens
Director of Photography: Chris Ullens
Cast: Slugabed and fruits

In this comedy retro infomercial, Slugabed is selling his "Slugabed's
Turbo Juicer 4000". This juicer and it's mini factory-like inner
workings will transform your crushed audio-tapes through a stop-frame
animated process into the best juice you've ever dreamed of. Buy it!


Fizzy Lettuce

Band/Artist Name: WooWoos
Country: US
Running Time: 4min 40sec
Original Format: HD

Director: Alex Raskin
Writer: Alex Raskin
Director of Photography: Alex Raskin
Cast: Paul Mann, JoanE

It’s dark and mysterious, we can’t say more!



Band/Artist Name:
Bohemian Thought
Country: New Zealand
Running Time: 6'10"
Original Format: Quicktime Movie

Director: Rollo Wenlock
Writer: Rollo Wenlock
Producer: Gemma Freeman
DOP: Aline Tran
Cast: Jerome Leota, Winham Hammond, Daley Tapa

A lowly office worker from the country fantasises about the highlife,
only to be bought back to earth by his sons from the future.


Gentlemen in Squalor

Band/Artist Name: Top Shelf Jazz
Country: UK
Running Time: 3 mins
Original Format: S16mm film

Director: Alex Sufit
Writer: N/A
Producer: Alex Sufit
Director of Photography: Gabi Norland
Cast: Dexter Fletcher

Music video for 'purveyors of filthy swing' Top Shelf Jazz, starring
Dexter Fletcher and a bunch of renegade kids.


Mountain King

Band/Artist Name: The Kolin
Country: Hungary
Running Time: 03:45
Original Format: HDCAM

Director: Danila Kostil
Writer: Mark Linczenyi
Producers: Miklos Kazmer & Danila Kostil
Director of Photography: Garai Gabor
Cast: -

Three mates land on a planet where a cruel king lives under the
mountain. They are on a rescue expedition. The monster king sips out
the hearts of young girls in love. Our three heros aim to save the
young hearts left and liberate all the creatures of the planet. This
is the 2D version of Hungary's first real stereoscopic 3D videoclip.


Baby’s On Fire

Band/Artist Name:
Die Antwoord
Country: South Africa
Running Time: 06:55
Original Format: HD

Director: NINJA and Terence Neale
Writer: NINJA and Yo-landi
Producer: Julia Schnurr & Kezia Eales
Director of Photography: Alexis Zabe
Cast: NINJA and Yo-landi

This video features hot guys, sexy girls, big bongs, motorbikes,
bmx's, spinning beemers, oil-wrestling, baseball-bats, ninja-swords,
guns, bums, boobs and blood. It's basically got everything.


Easy Way Out

Band/Artist Name: Gotye
Country: Australia
Running Time: 02:12
Original Format: HD

Director: Darcy Prendergast
Writer: -
Producer: Darcy Prendergast
Director of Photography: Andrew Goldsmith & Jeremy Blode
Cast: Wally De Backer

Easy Way Out ties in with the depressive elements of repetition – we
see our protagonist unable to break free of his own routine.


Every Minute Alone

Band/Artist Name: WhoMadeWho
Country: Denmark
Running Time: 03:50
Original Format: HD

Director: William Stahl
Writer: Michael Vogt
Producer: Michael Vogt
Director of Photography: Thomas A.
Cast: -

Big boys DO cry… All over the suburbs, people are crying their hearts
out. But why are they crying? And why is Jeppe Kjellberg of WhoMadeWho
attending some kind of therapy session?


Get By

Band/Artist Name: Delta Heavy
Country: UK
Running Time: 03:55
Original Format: HD

Director: Ian Robertson
Writer: Ian Robertson
Producer: Ian Robertson
Director of Photography: Ian Robertson
Cast: Duncan Robertson

Welcome to 'Delta Heavy Butchers' where we'll take prime cuts of 90s
dance vibes, some lean stop-motion visuals and throw in some fresh
dubstep beats. This is 'Get by'; freshly cut, butcher's choice.



Band/Artist Name: Naive New Beaters
Country: France
Running Time: 03:14
Original Format: HD

Director: Remy Cayuela
Writers: Remy Cayuela, Esteban & Vinciguerra
Producer: Elsa Rakotoson
Director of Photography: Martial Schmeltz
Cast: David Boring, Eurobelix, Martin Luther BB King

Naive New Beaters take us into the highly-competitive world of
(extreme) fast walking. An anything-goes race between a group of
athletes who have no problem using harmful tactics to get that gold


I Can Make You Love Me

Band/Artist Name: British India
Country: Australia
Running Time: 04:36
Original Format: HD

Directors: Darcy Prendergast and Seamus Spilsbury
Writer: -
Producer: Nicky Pastore
Director of Photography: Darcy Prendergast
Cast: Minotaur - Jack Power Walters, Girl - Skye Staude, Guy - Jack Doherty

One Beast's drunken quest in the name of love.


In Your Arms

Band/Artist Name: Kina Grannis
Country: USA
Running Time: 03:25
Original Format: HD

Director: Greg Jardin
Writer: Greg Jardin
Producer: Daphne Raves
Director of Photography: Greg Jardin
Cast: -

A stop motion animated music video using 288,000 jelly beans.


Insane Office Escape

Band/Artist Name:
Biting Elbows
Country: Russia
Running Time: 03:04
Original Format: HD

Director: Ilya Naishuller
Writer: Ilya Naishuller
Producer: Ilya Naishuller
Director of Photography: Sergei Valyaev
Cast: Andrei Dementiev, Ilya Kondratiev, Alexei Zammaraev

The world's first music video to feature breathtaking action and
stunts, all shot exclusively from the first person perspective.


Interstellar Intercourse: A Space-Sex Odyssey (Karaoke Fun Time Sing-A-Long)

Band/Artist Name: SpaceSex69
Country: USA
Running Time: 03:22
Original Format: HD

Michael Lukk Litwak
Writer: Michael Lukk Litwak, Stefan Weiner, Phoebe Ryan
Producer: Taylor Shung
Director of Photography: Oliver Anderson
Cast: Diana Irvine, Zach Shotwell, Beck Hartke

Jose and Zorblat must figure out how to have sex, and fast, before the
robot space police catch them!

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