Sado Tempest (Arashi)

Film Title:

Sado Tempest (Arashi)


Friday 28 September 21:00

Monday 1 October 15:30


94 mins

Director: John Williams Country: Japan, UK, Hong Kong
Writer: John Williams Original Format: HDcam
Dir. of Photography: Yoshinobu Hayano Print Source: Paul Smith
Producer: Paul Smith, Roger Garcia, Shohei Shiozaki
Cast: Hirotaro Honda, Noriko Eguchi, Yoji Tanaka

International Premiere

There is something gloriously demented about the idea of retelling Shakespeare’s Tempest as a futuristic Japanese musical, but the focus and conviction of the story telling of Arashi elevates this film to more than just the sum of its central concepts.

As an outspoken critic of an oppressive regime, a rock singer is exiled to an island of perpetual winter presided over by a sadistic warden. His only allies are a kindly guard and the seemingly insane Miranda. As he is forced to record new songs for a public that believes him to be dead, he slowly comes to the realisation that music may be, not just the key to his freedom, but the instrument for change both on the island and back in the mainland.

Played out against the dramatic natural volcanic backdrop of Sado island, writer/director John Williams seamlessly draws together elements of the Shakespearean source material with contemporary Japanese rock music and Noh theatre. An imaginative story, with stunning visuals and engaging performances, Arashi has elements of the magical, the supernatural, the futuristic, the musical and the allegorical. But, despite having to manage so many seemingly disparate ideas, Williams never loses focus on the story and never forgets to keep Arashi thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end.

Mark Moynihan
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