Without A Net

Film Title:

Without A Net


    Sunday 30 September 20:00


60 mins

Director: Kelly J Richardson Country: USA / Brazil
Writer: - Original Format: -
Dir. of Photography: Kelly J Richardson Print Source: -
Producer: Kelly J Richardson / Consulting Producer John Antonelli
Cast: Djeferson Mendes da Silva, Bárbara Moura, Rayana Dias da Motta, Platini Queiroz

International Premiere

“When I was little, people looked at me and said; ‘that kid is headed for one of two places: prison or the grave’” states Djeferson, who has never attended school because of his duty of care to his thirty siblings. Then a big-top circus tent appeared in one of the car parks that Djeferson frequented to wash cars and he was offered a unique opportunity to make something of his life. He chose to train as a trapeze artist. Others, such as streetwise Barbara opted to train as an acrobat, whereas Rayana developed a passion for contortion.

Director Kelly J. Richardson is a performance artist who met those featured in the film while training at a circus running a social project targeting ‘at-risk’ youth from the slums. Their futures are depressingly mapped out in an area where education is limited, poverty is everywhere, and crime is normality. The circus tent represents escapism from a bleak reality and an alternative to becoming predictably involved in the drugs trade.

Without A Net is a heartwarming insight into the lives of four courageous individuals and it is a privilege to hear their stories. We learn that 5,000 people came to see the show, but the future still remains unclear for these four. We are left with hope that they will be rewarded for their defiant ambition.

Katie Baldock

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