The Hidden Hand

Film Title:

The Hidden Hand


    Thursday 4 October 13:30
    Sunday 7 October 16:45


80 mins

Director: James Carman Country: USA
Writer: James Carman Original Format: ProRes Quicktime
Dir. of Photography: James Carman Print Source: James Carman
Producer: James Carman, Alan Steinfield, Sabine Schenk
Cast: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the moon, Paul Hellyer

UK Premiere

Extraterrestrial life forms have purportedly been visiting planet Earth for perhaps thousands of years. If you don’t know the difference between “Contactees” and “Abductees” or can’t tell “Greys” from “Blondes” then this film will be your guide through the world of alien contact.

'The Hidden Hand' is comprehensive series of interviews detailing all aspects of contact with intelligent aliens. It examines the history of alien contact through the ages and looks at phenomena such as UFO’s, alien abduction and the physical evidence and advanced technology left behind. We hear testimonials from abductees, former senior government and military officials, and writers and historians of alien encounters.

The presence of intelligent alien life is not a new subject for documentary but what makes 'The Hidden Hand' stand apart from any others is two things. Firstly, its extensive range of testimonials from people who have either had contact with aliens, have worked in positions senior enough to have access to evidence of aliens, or the authorities on the subject that have spent decades researching evidence of aliens visiting our planet. Secondly, rather than shoving a predetermined conclusion down the throats of its audience, it merely presents the evidence of its testimonials and allows the viewer decide whether or not they want to believe. Debate is sure to follow.

Mark Moynihan

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