State Of Shock

Film Title:

State Of Shock


    Friday 28 September 15:30
    Sunday 30 September 17:45


96 mins

Director: Andrej Kosak Country: Slovenia
Writer: Andrej Kosak Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Slobodan Trninic Print Source: Slovenian Film Center
Producer: Danijel Hocevar
Cast: Martin Marion, Urska Hlebec, Nikola Kojo

UK Premiere

Starting off in a propaganda-like workers’ utopia, we meet Peter and Marica, a husband and wife striving for the simple pleasures of life in communist Yugoslavia. On national Labourers’ Day, Peter wins the Worker of the Year award, which gives him a new flat as well as prestige within his community. Overcome with joy, he goes into a deep catatonic state of shock, coming back to life 10 years later to find a world radically different from before – Marica has left him for his best friend Jovo, Slovenia has split form Yugoslavia and capitalism rules supreme over the repressed workers. Can Peter navigate his way through this new and convoluted world, or is he doomed to life in an institution?

Writer Andrej Kosak brings us a wonderful script, using Peter’s supposedly backwards, communist ideals to shine a thoughtful light on our modern society and economy. The variety of choice available to mindless consumers bewilders Peter, while banks keeping his money seems to him absurd – as he says, ‘If there’s anything that’s crazy around here, it’s society, not me!’. Martin Marion gives a terrifically charismatic, child-like, funny and sometimes heartbreaking performance as Peter, with Urska Hlebec also giving a great performance as Marica, his stoic, unfortunate wife.

Orestes Kouzof

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