Locked In A Garage Band

Film Title:

Locked In A Garage Band


Monday 1 October 21:00

Wednesday 3 October 15:45


86 mins

Director: Jennifer Westcott Country: Canada
Writer: Jennifer Westcott Original Format: HD RED
Dir. of Photography: Gabriel Medina Print Source: Victoria Westcott
Producer: Victoria Westcott
Cast: Scott Lyster, Andrew Jenkins, Brittney Wilson

World Premiere

Locked In A Garage Band is the brilliant new Canadian comedy written and directed by Jennifer Westcott.
Richie is desperately trying to hold his band – ‘The Tangenitals’ - together by drafting in a new singer. Only problem is, the new singer is a sore point between Richie and his ex-friend and band member, now aspiring businessman guitarist Scott. As the title suggests, the fractured band is locked into their garage rehearsal space by Richie’s sister as a result of a fraternal fracas. Things go from bad to worse when building an improvised toilet turns out to be a bad idea; relationships come to a head, feelings get hurt and stupid ideas reign supreme. The answer to their escape is a brilliantly witty one – but will it tie the band together, or tear them apart?
The film boasts an extraordinarily musically talented cast giving great performances, especially Scott Lyster as cheeky, charismatic Richie and the almost irritatingly good-looking Andrew Jenkins as embittered guitarist Scott. Westcott’s debut feature is smartly directed and sincerely funny, a less crazy, more grown-up Scott Pilgrim VS The World where the band has gotten old and no superpowers can save them. This debut certainly makes Westcott one to watch for future comedy.
Orestes Kouzof

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