Flower In The Slime

Film Title:

Flower In The Slime


Sunday 30 September 15:15


100 mins

Director: Guillermo González Montes Country: Mexico
Writer: Guillermo González Montes Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: José Antonio Lendo Print Source: Iván Gutiérrez Araico
Producer: Armando Casas, Roberto Fiesco, Hugo Espinosa
Cast: Odiseo Bichir, Claudia Zepeda, Claudia Ramírez.

UK Premiere

Following the death of her stepmother, fourteen-year-old Marlene is left in the hands of a middle-class couple in Mexico City. Her new father figure is renowned biochemist, Augusto, whose marital life is interrupted by the sudden presence of a fresh and innocent teenage beauty.  And with her delicate and subtle charm, it doesn’t take long for Marlene to seduce him.

The story takes a twist when Marlene is in turn seduced by an old friend, then taken to the coast to be prostituted. Desperate to track her down, Augusto decides to abandon his job, his wife and his stable life to find her, in spite of the inevitable and dangerous consequences.

Flower in the Slime addresses the issue of prostitution in Mexico subtly - by focusing on the psychology of its characters. We see the inner conflict of Marlene as her youth is snatched from her and as she comes to terms with a new life selling her body.
As part of the debut programme at the University Centre of Cinematographic Studies (CUEC) in Mexico, in conjunction with the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), Flower in the Slime talks about the values and existential confrontations between its characters as basic human beings.

David Martinez

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