Don't Dare To Stop Love

Film Title:

Don't Dare To Stop Love


Sunday 30 September 15:30

Saturday 6 October 13:30


54 mins

Director: Yoko Oguchi Country: Japan
Writer: Yoko Oguchi Original Format: 8mm
Dir. of Photography: Eiji Suzuki Print Source: Yoko Oguchi
Producer: Yoko Oguchi
Cast: Kazumi Fujishima, Yoshiro Hatori, Fumiko Abe

World Premiere

Don’t Dare to Stop Love follows the conflicted and delusional life of a single mother and cancer victim. An abstract exploration of her relationships with both her young lover and teenage daughter, the film shows us the tortures of a self-indulgent mind. In a plea for affection, she devotes the last months of her life taking care of "Pet," her boyfriend. This, however, turns sour when her excessive need for pity becomes too much for him to bear.

Intercut with sketches of her teenage daughter gossiping about her mother’s strange behaviour, we develop a compassion for the lead. Will she succumb to the darkness of her own mind or will she be inspired to overcome her fate?

This film delivers an offbeat experience aimed at an audience with a desire to have the laws of contemporary cinema challenged. Filmed on 8mm, Oguishi abandons many conventional film techniques to pursue a rawness and authenticity of film. His cinematography is fresh and yet meditative, well suited to the close nature of the project. The intimate leading performance from Kazumi Fujishima is touching, and indeed, inspiring, her journey more affecting than you might expect.

Julia Wiese

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