Familiar Ground

Film Title

Familiar Ground


Thursday 27 September 17:30  

 Friday 28 September    15:15


98 mins

Director: Stéphane Lafleur Country: Canada (Quebec)
Writer: Stéphane Lafleur Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Sara Mishara Print Source: Josiane Tessier
Producer: Luc Déry, Kim McCraw
Cast: Francis La Haye, Fanny Mallette, Sylvain Marcel

UK Premiere

Benoit lives at home with his ailing father, unemployed and unambitious. His father treats him as if he has never grown up and his relationship with his girlfriend is strained by the presence of her troublesome son. Everything he touches seems to go wrong and he is deeply depressed. His sister Maryse is married and employed, but if anything is more unhappy. Set against the bleakness of a Quebec winter, their mutual depression seems to be inescapable, but when a strange man who claims to be from the future visits one of them with a dire warning, they set out on a trip together each intending to make a drastic change.

Familiar Ground is a masterful exploration of contrasts. It effortlessly mixes the extraordinary with the mundane; time travel is unexplained and dismissed as a minor event, yet an industrial accident in Maryse’s factory takes on a deep significance that resonates through the film. Wonderful cinematography finds both the beautiful and the sinister in the rural and suburban Quebec landscape. And through all the melodrama and depression the film finds a darkly comedic tone tone that is at times laugh out loud funny. But the greatest recommendation is that unlike the abrupt endings of many films that share its style and tone, Familiar Ground has its sights firmly fixed on a big finish, and what a finish it is.

Mark Moynihan

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