Center Of Gravity

Film Title:

Center Of Gravity


    Thursday 27 September 15:00
    Saturday 29 September 13:30


70 mins

Director: Steven Richter Country: Brazil
Writer: Steven Richter Original Format: HDV
Dir. of Photography: Andre Schutz Print Source: Steven Richter
Producer: Steven Richter
Cast: Ana Carolina Lima, Julio Machado

UK Premiere

This moody, slow-burn of a film is a powerful reminder of the spectrum functioning relationships can exist on. Set in a stylish apartment somewhere in Brazil, the principal cast comprises Julio Machado as Renato and Ana Carolina Lima as his girlfriend Renata. Renato's parents are ill, dying perhaps, together in a bed on the other side of town. Returning to the apartment he finds a pinwheel, incongruous amongst their modern furnishings. When Renata returns she seems a little out of sorts, flustered almost. We, as Renato clearly does, begin to suspect that something might be wrong.

Based on a short story the running time of this film is not going to stretch anyone's patience – but that doesn't stop the director from cranking up the tension as the movie unfolds. Contained, collapsed almost to the world of just this relationship, we follow the power struggles, history and attempts to create a future that Renato and Renata negotiate. The work from these actors is, unsurprisingly, fantastic; more is said in a look than many can get across in a monologue. Powerful sound design and a moving score complement the mood the director and cinematographer bring with their bold, intimate camera-work. A study more than a film, this is a fine piece of work from a team who's grasp of character and relationship is second to none.

James Burbidge

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