Black Smoke Rising

Film Title:

Black Smoke Rising


    Sunday 30 September 20:30
    Wednesday 3 October 15:30


103 mins

Director: Drew Cullingham Country: UK
Writer: Drew Cullingham Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Glen Warrillow Print Source: Drew Cullingham
Producer: Drew Cullingham, James Fisher, Jonnie Hurn
Cast: James Fisher, Wil Johnson, Jill Greenacre

World Premiere

Embittered Jonah struggles to write, and read, the eulogy for his domineering older brother's funeral. Spiralling into a self destructive mess of alcoholism and self-pity he is surprised to learn that Rafe, his brother, has left 'something precious' to him, something that can only be discovered by following a trail of clues. Reluctantly he sets out on this treasure hunt, only to find that he won't be travelling alone: Rafe's spirit will be along for the journey.

Both the English countryside and the capital's industrial sites are beautifully, if monochromatically, captured by cinematographer Warrillow; shot in high-contrast black and white, and with a kickarse bluesy rock'n'roll soundtrack, this film has style to spare.

Director Drew Cullingham returns to Raindance after winning 'Best Micro-Budget' at last year's festival with Monk3ys. Returning with him are actors James Fisher, Jonnie Hurn and Aj Williams and such a close-knit team allows this film to veer off to the experimental. With Jonah's one-sided conversations at the heart of the script, trust between Cullingham and Fisher must have been paramount. These bonds pay off, together the Monk3ys Ink team have created an intimate and raw portrait of a man on the edge, struggling for something to keep him from toppling over.

James Burbidge

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