At Night I Fly

Film Title:

At Night I Fly


    Saturday 6 October 18:30


88 mins

Director: Michel Wenzer Country: Sweden/Denmark
Writer: Michel Wenzer Original Format: 16mm, HDV
Dir. of Photography: Eric Börjesson, Albin Biblom Print Source: Timo Joh. Maye
Producer: Tobias Janson
Cast: Rick Misener, Spoon Jackson, Marty

London Premiere

This award-winning documentary follows director Michel Wenzer's short film ‘Three poems by Spoon Jackson,’ (2003) which showcased the creative writing of a poet serving life without parole. 'At Night I Fly' is an intimate and thought-provoking film in which the director steps back and allows his isolated and articulate subjects to share their thoughts on their surroundings at their own pace.

The absurdity of prison culture, with its routine violence and racial politics, is identified by many of the inmates interviewed. The arts (poetry readings, gospel choirs, blues guitar)  provide humanity within such an environment, where they have defied the rules with considerable risk to their own safety just by participating in the now defunct ‘Arts in Correction’ programme, another tragic loss to funding cuts.  Folsom means for most not danger, but  isolation, “closure of both the mind and the heart. And the spirit.”

Through self-expression comes understanding and a form of freedom, and it’s apparent that this is the most that can be desired by those facing a lifetime of physical confinement. “It’s a place where everything that is fucked up gets deposited,” states inmate Marty, “and that’s why I’m here.”

Katie Baldock

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