The Ascent

Film Title:

The Ascent


    Sunday 30 September 20:45
    Wednesday 3 October 15:15


90 mins

Director: Nemanja Becanovic Country: Montenegro/Slovenia
Writer: Alekandar Becanovic, Nemanja Becanovic Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Jere Verovsek Print Source: Ivan Djurovic
Producer: Ivan Djurovic, Sehad Cekic
Cast: Vlado Jovanovski, Amar Selimovic, Inti Sraj

UK Premiere | Nominated Best Debut

What is it with writers? Haven’t they seen Misery? Jovan wants solitude in which finish his novel so, at friend’s suggestion, he is sent to the remote countryside. He stays with a family of farmers, headed by authoritative father, the brutish Zeko (a standout performance from Vlado Jovanovski), who are all are unused to civilization. Hostile at first, they warm to Jovan when he saves Vesna’s life, and he chooses to stay a little longer, introducing them to reading, moving them with the beauty of the words. What he should have remembered is that a little knowledge is a bad thing.

 Divided into days, the pace of this unsettling thriller is mellow but the underlying menace and sense of the strange build deftly throughout, accompanied by an atmospheric score that echoes the remote wilderness in which Jovan finds himself. As two worlds collide, each comes to respect the other, the family revering Jovan for his seemingly miraculous healing skills and the knowledge he imparts. However, his unwitting evangelism questions whether the impulse to educate is the right one or if nature should be left alone. This leads to devastating consequences that are all the more horrific for their well-meaning intent.

 Jean Lynch

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