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    Wednesday 3 October 18:30
    Saturday 6 October 13:00


88 mins

Director: Paul Schoolman Country: UK/South-Africa/Canada
Writer: Paul Schoolman Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Paul Schoolman Print Source: Alice Krige
Producer: Alice Krige, Paul Schoolman
Cast: Hundreds of prisoners, Derek Jacobi, Warren Adler

UK Premiere | Nominated Best UK Feature

Julius Caesar was considered a waster, a degenerate and laughing stock until he was 33 but went on to become one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. Writer/director Paul Schoolman took his cameras into three of the world’s most notorious prisons – in Cardiff, Canada & South Africa - engaging inmates as cast and crew, to tell the dog-eat-dog tale of the youth who would be emperor, delivering a Shakespearean inspired script peppered with ultra-modern references, all in the violent setting of a South African prison “run by gangs.”

Schoolman’s Caesar is a young guy “full of piss and vinegar” – he’s like the actors; in a cutthroat world, all he has to do is survive and he’s got it made. String theory proposes that there are many universes, jostling alongside one another and sometimes they intermingle.  Prison is one universe; Rome is another, so is violence and so is love; some prisoners are violent and some are victims - “but it’s all Rome.”

With respected thespians such as Derek Jacobi also working alongside the inmates, the film itself is a vibrant meeting of many universes, a convincing, thought-provoking and visceral collision of man’s instinct to survive.

Jean Lynch

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