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    Saturday 6 October 20:15


41 mins

Director: Gee Vaucher Country: UK
Writer: Gee Vaucher Original Format: Mini DV
Dir. of Photography: Gee Vaucher Print Source: Gee Vaucher
Producer: Gee Vaucher
Cast: -

World Premiere

A painting-like image of a young girl's face occupies the screen for a full 40 minutes, moving almost imperceptibly. Occasionally she looks away, or closes her eyes, always returning her gaze to meet yours. Her face changes and morphs so subtly, you can never be entirely sure what you are seeing, or if your eyes are playing tricks on your brain. A sublime exercise in visual perception, Angel is a captivating work of unsettling, sinister beauty by London-based artist Gee Vaucher.

Accompanied by a haunting, mysterious soundtrack – spatially mapped and building to quiet crescendos – its subtle audio, combined with the girl's changeable expressions, builds a loose impression of narrative that is mesmerising, compelling, meditative and open to interpretation. Not one for those seeking comfortable, story-led cinema, this is a work that would be equally at home in a gallery or a cinema: a boldly experimental video painting, owing something to Abbas Kiarostami's Shirin, as well as to the hyperrealist art movement and also, to some extent, the work of photographers such as Bill Henson
and Larry Clark, who map the discordance of youth and the complexity of self-image.

Perhaps best known for her involvement with Anarcho-punk band Crass and the protest art scene of the 1980s, Gee Vaucher has maintained a surrealist/situationist edge, moving away from outward attempts to incite social change towards more personal explorations of her anarcho-pacifist and feminist ideals. Drawing on a series of large-scale paintings of children that have 'seen too much, too soon', Angel finds Vaucher exploring notions of youth and innocence. A friend of Raindance, Vaucher has designed a number of festival posters, whilst her film Gower Boy – a collaboration with pianist Huw Warren – screened at the 2006 festival.

Stephen Morgan

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