Wild In The Streets

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Wild In The Streets


    Friday 28 September 20:00
    Tuesday 2 October 13:30


84 mins

Director: Peter Baxter Country: USA
Writer: Peter Baxter, Jay Nelson Original Format: -
Dir. of Photography: Lance Acord Print Source: Village Green, LLC
Producer: Peter Baxter, James Zalcman / Executive Producers Kirt Eftekhar, Jonny Fink, Scott Henry, Jay Nelson, Steve Prestemon, Randy Wooten
Cast: -

UK Premiere

The quiet village of Ashbourne in Derbyshire is the location for what is likely to be the oldest sporting fixture in the world, the annual Royal Shrovetide Football game. But this is unlike any other football game you will have ever seen. With upwards of 3000 players, goals spaced 3 miles apart, play time of up to 16 hours spread over 2 days and very little in the way of rules it is a practice that shares more with the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona than the FA Cup Final.

'Wild in the Streets' examines the history of the mass football game and how the onset of organised ball games, such as soccer and rugby virtually eliminated the practice from Britain except in the town of Ashbourne, where the Shrovetide game has been played for hundreds of years. It examines the community that keeps the tradition alive and the passion of the players involved in the run up to the Shrove Tuesday game.

The acid test for any sports documentary is “Is this a film that people not interested in the sport portrayed will enjoy?” It’s a tall order and the films that do achieve that standard, are films that tell compelling human stories such as Senna, Hoop Dreams and When We Were Kings. This reviewer is one of the rarest of breeds, a guy with no interest in football at all, and yet Wild in the Streets is an utterly compelling watch from beginning to end. Engaging enough to make even the most ambivalent towards the so called beautiful game, covet their own Shrovetide ball.

Mark Moynihan

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